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Hinshaw Music Publications

Chamberlain Music Haslemere is delighted to be a retail sales agent for Hinshaw Music Inc, an international publishing company established in 1975 in the USA.
Included in their catalogue are works by celebrated choral music composers such as John Rutter, George Shearing, Paul Leddington-Wright and Gyorgy Orban.
Publishers represented include Hindon Publications, Chapel Hill Music Inc, Chrismon,and of course Hinshaw Music Publications.
For further information please email or call us on 01428 647592.

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. In this event we will always advise of any changes before fulfilling an order.

 Catalogue no.  Title  Composer
 HL08764945  Nystedt - O Crux SATB (DIV.)  Nystedt
 HL08763807  Orban - Ave Maria (In A) SATB  Orban
 HL08763687  Orban - Ave Maria 2-PART, SA  Orban
 HL08763161  Orban - Stabat Mater (In F) SATB  Gyrogy Orban
 HMC1022  Rutter Battle Hymn Of The Republic  John Rutter
 HPO3009  Akerley - A Sweet For Mother Goose  Akerley
 HPC7029  Beebe - Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God - SAB  Hank Beebe
 HL08765311  Beethoven - Hallelujah - SATB  Beethoven
 HL08763532  Biebl - Ave Maria (Trio/Ttbb) - trio (TTB),TTBB, bass & tenor solo  Biebl
 HL08763530  Biebl - Ave Maria SAATTBB, bass & tenor solo  Biebl
 HL08765007  Bortnianski - As A Choir Celestial - SATB  Bortnianski
 HL08763829  Bortnianski - Praise To God - SATB  Bortnianski
 HMC251  Brahms - Im Herbst - SATB  Brahms
 HL08765032  Brahms - In Stiller Nacht - SATB  Brahms
 HL08763855  Brahms - Lullaby (Wiegenlied) - unison  Brahms
 HL08764817  Carter - How Beautiful Upon The Mountains - 2 part (SA-TB)  Carter
 HL08765108  Certon - I'll Say It Anyway (Je Le Vous Dirai) - SATB  Certon
 HL08763521  Christmas Spiritual Medley SATB (DIV.) OPTIONAL SOLOS  
 HL08763536  Cox - Praise Him - TTBB  Cox
 HL08763639  Cunningham - A Silver Lining - 3 part  Cunningham
 HL08763568  Daley - And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears - unison  Daley
 HL08763678  Descants For Great Congregational Hymns SOPRANO AND TENOR DESCANT  arr William Whitehead
 HL08765447  Diemer - Let Thy Steadfast Love - SATB  Diemer
 HL08763747  Down In The Valley - SATB, divisi, tenor solo  arr Richard Smith
 HL08764872  Dunstable - Quam Pulcra Es - SA or TB  Dunstable
 HL08764908  Eccard - Christ Lag In Todenbanden - SATTB  Eccard
 HL08763455  Elgar - The Snow - SATB  Elgar
 HL08765090  Farrant - Two English Anthems - SATB  Farrant
 HL08765288  Faure - Cantique De Jean Racine - TTBB  Faure
 HL08763201  Five Christmas Carols  arr Rob Miller
 HL08764005  Ford - Creator Of The Stars Of Night - SATB  Ford
 HL08764984  Four German Folk Songs - SATB  Brahms, Johannes
 HL08763667  Franck - Panis Angelicus - SSA  Franck, Cesar
 HL08765089  Franck - Psalm 150 - SATB  Franck, Cesar
 HMB226  George Shearing - Songs and Sonnets SATB  Shearing
 HL08764276  Hall - I Seek A Journey - SATB (div.)  Hall
 HMC1431  Handel - Art Thou Troubled - unison  Handel
 HL08764266  Handel - Lamentation - SATB  Handel
 HL08764967  Hassler - Come Holy Spirit (Komm, Heiliger Geist) - SATB  Hassler
 HL08765397  Hayes - Lenten Song - SATB  Hayes
 HL08764271  Hopkins - Jonah! - SATB  Hopkins
 HL08763875  J.M Haydn - Gloria Et Honore - SATB  J.M Haydn
 HL08765202  Kumbaya SATB  arr. Paul Sjolund
 HL08765190  Lasso - Echo Song(O La, O Che Bon Eccho!) - SATB double choir  Lasso
 HL08765254  Lasso - Flee, O Flee From Love's Desire - SATB  Lasso
 HL08763981  Lau - Ave Verum Corpus - SATB  Lau
 HL08764075  Leddington Wright - Be Praised O God SATB  Leddington Wright
 HL08763559  Leddington Wright - Earth's Easter Song SATB  Leddington Wright
 HL08764106  Leddington Wright - Fight The Good Fight SATB  Leddington Wright
 HL08763686  Leddington Wright - I Will Sing To The Lord SATB  Leddington Wright
 HL08763997  Leddington Wright - What Can I Give Him? SATB  Leddington Wright
 HL08764807  Love Came Down At Christmas SATB  Christina Rossetti, arr Matthew Oltman
 HL08763456  Martin - In The Bleak Midwinter - SATB  Martin, Gilbert
 HL08763183  McCullough - Holocaust Cantata: Songs From The Camps - SATB, solos & narration  McCullough
 HL08764125  McCullough - Is Not A Flower A Mystery? - SAATTB  McCullough
 HMC1733  McCullough - We Remember Them - SATB  McCullough
 HL08763625  Mendelssohn - Come, My Soul, Tis Time For Waking - SATB  Mendelssohn
 HL08765025  Mendelssohn - Die Nachtigall - SATB  Mendelssohn
 AP206  Mendelssohn - There Shall A Star From Jacob Come Forth - SATB, solo  Mendelssohn
 HL08765114  Morley - Now Is The Month Of Maying - SATTBB  Morley
 HMC1424  My Shepherd Will Supply My Need SATB  Mack Wilberg, Issac Watts
 HL08765324  Nygard - Psalm 86 SATB, SOLO  Nygard
 HL08764655  Nystedt - I Will Greatly Rejoice SATB  Nystedt
 HL08764067  O Night Of Nights - SAB  C Kenneth Stewart
 HMC649  O Whistle And I'll Come To Ye - SATB  arr Mack Wilberg
 HL08763684  Orban - Ave Maria (In D) SATB  Orban
 HL08764269  Orban - Come Away SATB  Orban
 HL08763189  Orban - Mass No. 6  Orban
 HL08764115  Orban - O Pan SATB  Orban
 HL08764251  Orban - O, Mistress Mine! SATB  Orban
 HMC1766  Orban - Orpheus With His Lute (Lanthur Ha Szol) SSATB  Orban
 HL08764273  Plenty Good Room SATB  
 HL08765222  Praetorius - Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming SATB  Praetorius
 HL08763742  Praetorius - Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming SATB (DIV.)  Praetorius
 HL08763208  Puccini - Te Deum A 3 SSA  Puccini
 HL08765195  Purcell - In These Delightful Pleasant Groves SATB  Purcell
 HL08763689  Raninsh - Cantate Domino SSAA  Raninsh
 HL08763861  Rock O' My Soul SATB  
 HMC1022A  Rutter Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Band Set  William Steffe
 HMC1022B  Rutter Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Orchestral Set  William Steffe
 HL08764886  Schubert - Der Tanz SATB  Schubert
 HL08764968  Schubert - Des Tages Weihe SATB  Schubert
 HL08765035  Schubert - Lebenslust SATB  Schubert
 HMC322  Sermisy - J'ay Fait Pour Vous Cent Mille Pas SATB  Sermisy
 HL08763115  Shearing - Music To Hear SATB  Shearing
 HL08765719  Shearing - Sigh No More, Ladies, Sigh No More SATB  Shearing
 HMB226A  Shearing - Songs And Sonnets: Double Bass part only  Shearing
 HL08763931  Shenandoah - SATB  
 HL08764293  Sirett - Sunny Bank UNISON, OPTIONAL DIVISI  Sirett
 HL08763105  Sleeth - Cantate 3 part, SAB  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC900  Sleeth - Cantate Domino - 3 part  Sleeth
 HMC596  Sleeth - Go Now In Peace - 3 part  Sleeth
 HMC780  Still, Still, Still - SATB  trad. arr J Fritschel
 HL08763504  The Lark In The Clear Air SSA  
 HMC1080  The Music's Always There With You  John Rutter
 HL08765186  Victoria - Kyrie Eleison SATB  Victoria
 HL08764956  Victoria - O Quam Gloriosum Est Regnum SATB  Victoria
 HL08764270  Wayfarin' Stranger SATB(DIV.) BARITONE SOLO  
 HMC1191  Where The Sun Will Never Go Down SATB (DIV.)  Spiritual arr Jennings
 HMC1366  White - Ave Verum Corpus SATB, SOPRANO SOLO  White
 HL08763494  White - How Far Is It To Bethlehem? SATB  White
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