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Hinshaw publications

Chamberlain Music are the exclusive UK distributors for Hinshaw Music Inc., who publish many excellent choral works by composers including John Rutter, George Shearing, Paul Leddington-Wright and Gyorgy Orban. The list below shows the entire Hinshaw catalogue. Click on the title for more details and to order.

With such a huge online catalogue of music books, it is inevitable that from time to time there will be errors in pricing caused either by our mistake, manufacturers rises and currency fluctuations. We took the decision that providing a comprehensive reference catalogue was more useful for our customers and more important than being able to guarantee 100% price accuracy at all times.

It is especially difficult with music books imported from Europe, the Far East and America as many of these publishers amend their prices without notice as and when their prices go up. As such prices and availability are subject to change without notice. However in this event we will always advise of any changes before fulfilling an order.

Thank you for your understanding.

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 Catalogue no.  Title  Composer
 HMO161  A Bouquet Of Service Pieces For Organ  
 HMC2101  A Heart To Serve  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC2057  A Hymn Of Unity  Howard Helvey
 HMC2129  A Tickle  Jonathan Miller
 HMO180  A Wedding Suite  Robert Lau
 HMB248  A Young Singer'S Journey Workbook I  
 HMB249  A Young Singer'S Journey Workbook Ii  
 HMC2066  Again I Say, Rejoice  Allen Pote
 HMC2026  All Night, All Day  Spiritual
 HMC2052  All The Pretty Little Horses  American Folk Song
 HMC2115  Alle, Allelu  Carl Nygard
 HMC2108  Alleluia, Praise His Name  David Lantz III
 HPP6000  Amazing Grace-Piano Solo  Early American Folk Hymn
 HMC2127  Amen  Dan Forrest
 HMC2010  An Expression Of Gratitude  David Schwoebel
 HMC2030  Angelic Procession  David Lantz III
 HMO158  At The Console  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC2002  Ave Maria  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC2028  Away In A Manger  William J. Kirkpatrick
 HMC2113  Away In The Manger  William J. Kirkpatrick
 PP102  Bach'S B - Minor Mass  
 HMC2128  Basque Lullaby  Dan Forrest
 HMC1022P  Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Percussion  William Steffe
 HMC2006  Benigne Fac Domine  Antonio Sacchini (1730-1786)
 HMC2070  Bless Me, Lord  Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
 HMC2013  Bless The Lord, O My Soul  Dwight Gustafson
 HMC2050  Blessed Is He  Kenney Potter
 HMC2065  Brazilian Alleluia(Aleluia Brasileira)  Ralph Manuel
 HMB100A  Bring Brass - Choral Parts  
 HMB100  Bring Brass - Full Score  
 HMB100B  Bring Brass - Instr.  
 HMB175C  Built On A Rock - Cassette  
 HMB245  By The Book  
 HMB243  Cantare Et Sonare: A Handbook Of Choral Performance Practice  
 HS277CD  Cantate Hodie - Sing Forth This Day - Cd  
 HPO3003  Canto Ii - Ashes Of Rose  
 HMO128  Cathedral Pieces  
 HMC2095  Children'S Questions  Robert Swift
 HMC946  Chorale  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMC2027  Christ Is Born  French Carol
 HMC348A  Christmas Bells - Instr.  Norwegian Folk Carol
 HMO167  Christmas Duets For Organ And Piano  
 HS267CD  Christmas With The Master Chorale Of Washington - Cd  
 HS268CD  Christmastide (Seasonal Choral Music By K. Lee Scott) - Cd  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMO144  Classical German Organ  
 HMO125  Cognitions  David Isele
 HMC2062  Come Into His Holy Place  John Parker
 HMC2064  Come To Christ  David Lantz III
 HMC2017  Come To The Table  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC2068  Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus  Southern Harmony, 1835
 HMC2061  Commit Thy Way Unto The Lord  Donald Busarow
 HMC1048  Creation'S Alleluia  John Rutter
 HMC2059  Credo A 3  Giambattista Martini
 HMC2109  Credo In C  Mazzoni, Antonio
 HMC1041  Depart In Peace (Nunc Dimittis)  John Rutter
 HMC2001  Dragon Dance  Leong Yoon Pin
 HMO139  Effusions  Blair Sanderson
 HMC2060  Everlasting God  James E. Green And Valerie Crescenz
 PP103  Face To Face With An Orchestra  
 HPO3000  Fantasia  Thomas Crawford
 HMO173  Fantasia And Fugue On St. Theodulph  St. Theodulph
 HPO3002  Fantasia Super Bach  Frank Wiley
 HMO172  Fantasy: Blessed Assurance  Phoebe P Knapp 1873
 HMO114  First Light And Quiet Voice  Gerald Kemner
 HMO123  Five Introduction To Hymn Tunes  Daniel Moe
 HMO119  Florilegium  R Snyder
 HMC2123  Follow The Drinkin' Gourd  Spiritual
 HMO147  Four Sacred Duets  
 HMO152  Free Harmonizations...Vol Ii  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC2043  Fulemule (The Nightingale)  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC2063  Gentle Jesus  Mark L. Williams
 HMC2139  Gift Of Love  Austin Lovelace
 HMC2003  Gloria (From Mass #6)  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC2071  Glory In The Lord  Pepper Choplin
 HMC2078  Go Tell It On The Mountain  Spiritual
 HMC2023  God Is Our Refuge  Henry Hinnant
 HMO146  Gospel Hymn Settings  
 HMC2125  Hallelujah  Dan Forrest
 HS240CD  Hark! A Thrilling Voice Is Sounding - Cd  
 HMC2058  He'S Got The Whole World  Spiritual
 HMC2090  Hold Fast To Dreams  Andre Thomas
 HS266CD  Holocaust Cantata (Songs From The Camps) - Cd  
 HMC2124  Holy  Dan Forrest
 HMC2126  Hosanna  Dan Forrest
 HMC2008  I Am God  Donna Butler
 HMC2019  I Will Greatly Rejoice  Knut Nystedt
 HMC2040  If Music Be The Food Of Love  Donald Mccullough
 HMC2015  Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise  Welsh Melody
 HMC2049  In Every Human Heart  James E. Green And Valerie Crescenz
 HMC2011  In The Garden  David Schwoebel
 HMC2088  In The Seasons Of Our Silence  Sandra T Ford
 HMC2096  In Winter'S Keeping  Jackson Hill
 HMC2120  In Yourself Believe  Tom Shelton
 HMC891  Introit And Kyrie (Faure Requiem)  Gabriel Faure
 HMC2105  It Is Good To Praise Him!  Larry Shackley
 HMC2116  It'S Time For Caroling  Valerie J Crescenz
 HS254CD  Jubilate! The Music Of Mack Wilberg - Cd  
 HMC2051  Keep Your Hand On The Plow  Spiritual
 HMC2048  Keep Your Lamps  Spiritual
 HMG1001  Learning The Guitar Fingerboard  
 HS245CD  Let Music Live - Turtle Creek Chorale - Cd  
 HMC893  Libera Me (Faure Requiem)  Gabriel Faure
 HMC2039  Little Tree  Dr Mark Sirett
 HMC449  Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Thy Peace  John Rutter
 HMC470  Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Thy Peace  John Rutter
 HMC470A  Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Thy Peace - Instr.  John Rutter
 HMC2031  Lullay My Liking  Thomas Slawson
 HMO111  Macedon Fanfares  David Isele
 HMB242  Magnificat  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HMB240  Mass No. 4  Gyorgy Orban
 HS282CD  Mass No. 6 - Cd  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC2072  May The Road Rise Up To Meet You  Robert Lau
 HMO101  Meditation On "Kingsfold"  Roberta Bitgood
 HPO3001  Melange  Thomas Crawford
 HMO176  Memorial Festival Overture: An Improvisation On "Celebrate"  Carol Saylor
 HMC2117  Midnight Clear  David Giardiniere
 HMB241  Missa Brevis  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HMO108  Modentum  David Isele
 HMC2009  My Faith Has Found A Resting Place  David Schwoebel
 HMC2016  My Little Kingdom  Jesse Padgett And Gwen Hall
 HMC1042  My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord (Magnificat)  John Rutter
 HMO118  Nine Aphorisms  Rudy Shackelford
 HMC2022  No Hands But Yours  J. Jerome Williams
 HMC2099  Nunc Dimittis  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC847  O Come All Ye Faithful  John Francis Wade
 HMC1797  O God, Our Help In Ages Past  William Croft (1678-1727)
 HMC2067  O Living Bread From Heaven  Robert Lau
 HMC2114  Once In Bethlehem  Donald Mccullough
 HMC2074  One Christmas Candle  John Parker
 HMO156  Organ Dedications  Gilbert Martin
 HMO165  Organ Improvisations For Advent And Christmas Hymns  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMO164  Organ Improvisations For Hymn Singing - Volume 2  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMO169  Organ Improvisations For Lent And Easter Hymns  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMO137  Organ Toccata  Merrill Ellis
 HMC2110  Os Justi  Eybler, Joseph Leopold(1765-1846)
 HMO168  Our Lord'S Last Supper  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMO154  Partita On Lobe Den Herren  Stralsund Ernewerten Gesangbuch, 1665
 HPO3006  Passacaglia  Pamela Decker
 HS259CD  Peace Like A River - Cd  
 HMO153  Perceptions Of Antiquity  Timothy Kramer
 HMC2054  Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven  David Schwoebel
 HMC2102  Praise The Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him  Rowland Hugh Prichard (1811-1887)
 HMC2100  Prayer For Peace  Eleanor Daley
 HMO103  Processional  Estate Of Milton Gill
 HMO106  Prologue And Conjugation  David Isele
 HMC1248  Quick! We Have But A Second  Irish Air
 HMO115  Quotations  Gerald Kemner
 HMC2106  Reason To Sing  Donna Butler
 HMO107  Recitative Interlogue Torque  David Isele
 HMC1911  Rejoice, The Lord Is King  John Darwall (1731-1789)
 HMC2018  Rejoice, The Lord Is King  Robert Lau
 HMB244  Requiem  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMB244CD  Requiem  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMB147CD  Requiem Faure - Cd (Col0109Cd)  
 HMC2111  Ride On, Ride On In Majesty  William Knapp (1698-1768)
 HMC2107  Rock Of Ages  Michael Cox
 HMH50  Sacred Harpist  
 HMC892  Sanctus (Faure Requiem)  Gabriel Faure
 HMC2047  Sanctus-Benedictus (From Mass #6)  Gyorgy Orban
 HMO120  Sanna Sanna Hosanna  Newton Strandberg
 HS244CD  Seattle Holiday - Cd  
 HPO3004  Second Sojourn/Midnights Light  Michael Ross
 HMC2097  Selah  Dan Forrest
 HMG1000  Selected Dances  
 HMC2007  Serenity Prayer  Mark Hayes
 HMO126  Settings For Organ  Harold Rohlig
 HMC2034  She Walks In Beauty  Tom Shelton
 HMC2045  She Walks In Beauty  Eric Barnum
 HMC2041  Signs Of The Judg Ment (Judg Ment Day)  Spiritual
 HMC2104  Sinnuh Man  Kenney Potter
 HMC2025  Son Of Sorrow, Son Of Shame  James Stevens
 HMO105  Sonata For Organ  Rudolph Kremer
 HMO112  Sonata For Organ  Rudy Shackelford
 HMO122  Sonata No. 1, Op. 4  Robert W Parris
 HMO102  Sonatina For Organ  Estate Of James Tallis
 HMC2087  Stayed On Jesus  Spiritual
 HMC1376  Still, Still, Still  German Traditional Carol
 HMO104  Suite For Organ  Adolphus Hailstork
 HMO130  Suite For Organ  
 HMC2132  Suscepit Israel  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMO150  Symphony Of Light  Robert Hebble
 HMR101  Take This Bread - Lp  
 HMB101  Take This Bread - Vocal Score  Galt Macdermot
 HMC2073  Take Up Your Cross  Freeman Lewis (1780-1859)
 HPO3008  That Line Which Is Earth'S Shadow  Ellen R. Harrison
 HHP01  The Alienor Book(Coll. Of Contemp. Pieces For Harpsichord)  
 HMC2140  The Bedtime Prayer  Matthew Peterson
 HMC2119  The Bee  Tom Shelton
 HMC2037  The Birds' Lullaby  Marilyn Broughton
 HMC2033  The Blue Tail Fly  American Folk Song
 HMB222  The Cambridge Singers Hymn Series Congregational Booklet  
 HMC2046  The Day Of Resurrection  Jonathan Shippey
 HMC2091  The Earth Is The Lord'S  Kenney Potter
 HMC2136  The Fall  Jonathan Miller
 HMC2020  The Heavens Are Telling  Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
 HMC2075  The Last One To Bethlehem  Larry Shackley
 HMO157  The Morning Star  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMO160  The Mourning Lamb  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC2021  The River  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HPC7097  The Song Within  Frank Ticheli
 HMC2038  The Wabash Cannonball  Folk
 HMC2094  There Is A Balm In Gilead  Afro-American Spiritual
 HMC2029  There Was A Night  David Lantz III
 HMC2042  This Little Light Of Mine  Spiritual
 HMC2092  This Old Man  Folk
 HMC2093  Three Black Socks  French Folk Tune
 HMO132  Three Mysteries  Jackson Hill
 HMO174  Three Spirituals For Palm Sunday  Spiritual
 HMC2014  To Love Our God  Mark Hayes
 HMO121  Toccata On London Tune  
 HMC2024  Tree Of Life  Pepper Choplin
 HMO136  Variations  Walter B. Saul II
 HMO171  Variations Sur Un Vieux Noel  French Carol
 HMC2134  Vestigia  Eleanor Daley
 HMO135  Voices From The Dark  Richard Campanelli
 HMC2005  Voices Of Autumn  Jackson Hill
 HMC2032  Vzyawbi Ya Banduru  Ukranian Folksong
 HMC2036  Waiting  Stuart Mcintosh
 HMC2137  We Sing Through The Rain  Earlene Rentz
 HMO134  Wedding Sonata  Jan Bender
 HMC2112  Wexford Carol  Irish Carol
 HMO148  What Seraphs Are Afoot  
 HMO179  What Wondrous Love Is This, O My Soul?  Emily Maxson Porter
 HMB139IP  When The Saints Go Marching In-Bass& Perc.  Spiritual
 HMC2012  With Music I Will Praise Thee  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC2069  With Music I Will Praise Thee  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC2121  Ye Banks And Braes  Scottish Folk
 HMC948  Your Voices Tune  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMB167C  Zigeunerlieder - Cassette  Johannes Brahms (1833-1898)
 HMO110  Zorgandum  David Isele
 HPO3009  A Sweet For Mother Goose  George Akerley
 HMC1400  Adeste Fideles  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC1399  Ave Maria  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC1499  Ave Maria (In A)  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC1251  Ave Maria (Saattbb)  Franz Biebl
 HMC1255  Ave Maria (Trio/Satb)  Franz Biebl
 HMC1022  Battle Hymn Of The Republic  William Steffe
 HMC1537  Daemon Irrepit Callidus  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC1029  Merry Christmas Jazz  Thomas Cunningham
 HMC286  O Crux  Knut Nystedt
 HMC1901  O Lord Of Every Constellation  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC505  O Praise The Lord Of Heaven  John Rutter
 HMC1377  Panis Angelicus  Cesar Franck
 HMC917  Praise To The Lord, The Almighty  Stralsund Ernewerten Gesangbuch, 1665
 HMB201  Stabat Mater (In F)  Gyorgy Orban
 HMB207  True-Hearted, Whole Hearted - (6557/Jh/Fa)  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMB151  870 Direct Modulations  
 HMC906  A Blessing Of Peace  David Schwoebel
 HMC1884  A Bright New Day  David Lantz III
 HMC539  A Canon I Know  Franz Lachner
 HMC1058  A Carol For Advent  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1126  A Carol Of Christ  Jack Noble White
 HMC1453  A Celtic Blessing  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HMC1033  A Child My Choice  C. Steven White
 HMC560  A Child My Choice  Eugene Butler
 HMC1148  A Child'S Prayer  Michael Cox
 HS293CD  A Christmas Festival  
 HMC1375  A Christmas Hymn  Edwin Penhorwood
 HMC443  A Christmas Invitation  Milburn Price
 HMC2276  A Christmas Lullaby  Dan Forrest
 HMC1457  A Christmas Madrigal  Christopher Boodle
 HMC1861  A Christmas Suite  Traditional Carol
 HMC437  A Christmas Wish  Ed Harris
 CHC5014  A Clean Heart  Bob Burroughs & Mark Hayes
 HS285CD  A Collegium Choral Tapestry (Cscd002)  
 HMC1362  A Cradle Song For Christmas  David Catherwood
 HMC2277  A Dedication And An Amen  John Rutter
 HMC1417  A Distant Alleluia  Carl Nygard
 HMC1452  A Doyo Medley  Yamada Kosaku (1886-1965)
 HMC2263  A Dream Of The Mist  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC1816  A Dream Within A Dream  Emma Lou Diemer
 HPC7065  A French Noel  French Carol
 HPC7083  A Fun Tune  Hank Beebe
 HHB21  A Gaelic Blessing  John Rutter
 HMC147  A Great Light  James Fritschel
 HMC2118  A Hope Carol  Tom Shelton
 HMC1127  A Joyous Sound  Robert Page
 HMC1405  A La Nanita Nana  Traditional Cuban Carol
 HMC2205  A La Puerto Del Cielo  Spanish-American Folksong
 HMC347  A Lady That Was So Fair And Bright  Ian Copley
 HMC1984  A Little Bird  Valerie J Crescenz
 HPC7063  A Little Christmas Music  Anthony Polistina
 HMC340  A Little Love  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1867  A Little Song Of Thanks  Winnagene Hatch
 HMC919  A Manger Carol  American Folk Song
 HMB140F  A Mighty Fortress - Instr.  Martin Luther (1483-1546)
 HMC1798  A Mighty Fortress Is Our God  Martin Luther (1483-1546)
 HMC1196  A Musicological Journey Through The Twelve Days Of Christmas  English Traditional
 HMC1636  A New Day, A New World  Dale Grotenhuis
 HMC1704  A New Song  Carl Nygard
 HMC551  A New Song  Diane Bish
 HMC156  A Parable  Sue Ellen Page
 HPC7080  A Pathway For My Feet  Hank Beebe
 HMC1005  A Plea For Peace  Edwin Penhorwood
 HMC2269  A Prayer Before Singing  Dan Forrest
 HMC699  A Prayer For Tomorrow  Carl Nygard
 HMC1478  A Prayer Of Consecration  David Schwoebel
 HMC878  A Promise For Strength  David Schwoebel
 HMC534  A Psalm Folksong  Edwin Penhorwood
 HMC175  A Psalm Of Assurance  Eugene Butler
 HMC1639  A Psalm Of David  Carl Nygard
 HMC776  A Psalm Of Peace  Jane Marshall
 HPC7086  A Rainbow Is A Promise  Hank Beebe
 HMC812  A Reflection Of Christ  David Schwoebel
 HMC152  A Round Of Praise  Jane Marshall
 HMB144  A Season To Celebrate  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC224  A Seasonal Carol  John Erickson
 HMC1351  A Silver Lining  Thomas Cunningham
 HMC1637  A Simple Path I Walk Along  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC1292  A Song For Spring  Bob Krogstad
 HS296CD  A Song In Season  
 HMC1272  A Song Of Creation  Nicholas White
 HMC1237  A Song Of Peace  John Horman
 HMC2168  A Song Of Peace  Tom Shelton
 HMC183  A Song Of Praise And Thanksgiving  Allen Pote
 HMC579  A Special Kind Of Star  Laura Cole
 HMC707  A Sunny Bank  Steve Shepley
 HMC1173  A Touch Of Christmas  Carl Nygard
 HMC773  A Vision Of Peace  Milburn Price
 HMC1200  A Winter Carol  Carl Nygard
 HMC143  A Woman Who Fears The Lord  Randolph Currie
 HMB251  A Young Singer'S Journey Workbook III  
 HMB252  A Young Singer'S Journey Workbook Iv  
 HMB254  A Young Singer'S Journey Workbook V  
 HMC1515  Abide With Me  William H Monk (1823-1889)
 HMC493  Abide With Me  William H Monk (1823-1889)
 HPC7024  Abound In Hope  Hank Beebe
 HMC738  Above The Stars  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC1951  Abraham And Isaac  Roger Ames
 HS232CD  Acappella - Cambridge Singers - Cd (Cscd509)  
 HMC2259  Adam Lay Y Bounden  Thomas Bell
 HS235CD  Adeste Fideles - Cd  
 HMC1123  Adorn Yourself, My Soul  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC1123A  Adorn Yourself, My Soul - Instr.  
 HMC937  Advent Lullaby  Dale Peterson
 HMC947  Advent Lullaby  Dale Peterson
 HMC1070  After The Rain  Allan Robert Petker
 HMC1396  Agnus Dei  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC737  Ah, The Infant'S Eyes  Hugo Wolf
 HMC1916  Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed  Sandra T Ford
 HMC1589  Alexander'S Ragtime Band  Irving Berlin
 HMC371  All Creatures Of Our God And King  Lasst Uns Erfreuen:Fr.Geistliche Kirchegeseng,1623
 HMC1613  All Creatures Sing  Lasst Uns Erfreuen:Fr.Geistliche Kirchegeseng,1623
 HMC2201  All Day Long  Traditional African
 HMC1101  All Good Gifts  David Schwoebel
 HMC1516  All Hail The Pow'R Of Jesus'S Name  J. Ellor
 HMC1532  All Hail The Pow'R Of Jesus'S Name  W. Schrubsole (1779)
 HMC786  All He Can Be  Carl Nygard
 HMC1540  All Praise And Thanks To God  Michael Cox
 HMC1520  All Praise To You, The Sinners' Savior  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC1727  All The Earth Doth Worship Thee  Samuel Sebastian Wesley
 HMC438  All Things Bright And Beautiful  Ed Harris
 HMC1790  All Things Bright And Beautiful (English Folk Tune)  English Folk Tune
 HMC966  All Things Work Together For Good  David Schwoebel
 HMC2233  All This Night  Jess Langston Turner
 HMC1021  All Together Now  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1023  All Together Now  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1025  All Together Now  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1025FS  All Together Now - Conductors Full Score  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1025A  All Together Now - Instrumentation For Band  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1025B  All Together Now - Instrumentation For Orchestra  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC823  All We Want For Christmas Is Peace  Rita Abrams
 HMC1597  Alleluia  Ralph Manuel
 HMC372  Alleluia  Ed Harris
 HMC447  Alleluia  Ed Harris
 HMC927  Alleluia  Ralph Manuel
 HMC927A  Alleluia - Instr.  Ralph Manuel
 HMC129  Alleluia!  Marius Monnikendam
 HMC1912  Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts To Heaven  David Lantz III
 HMC282  Alleluia! He Lives Today  Lithuanian Folk Song
 HMC1300  Alleluia! Hear The Sound  William Moore
 HMC195  Alleluia! Our Lord Is Risen  John Carter
 HMC1341  Alleluia, Alleluia!  Dale Grotenhuis
 HMC2133  Alleluia, Christ Is Risen  Michael Larkin
 HPC7028  Always Before Me  Hank Beebe
 HMC1792  Amazing Grace  Early American Folk Hymn
 HMC1844  Amazing Grace  Early American Folk Hymn
 HMC255  Amazing Grace  Early American Folk Hymn
 HMC1116  Amen  Donald Fraser
 HMC1119  Amen  Spiritual
 HMC2253  Amen  Dan Forrest
 HMC202  America  Samuel A. Ward 1882
 HMC1128  America The Beautiful  Samuel A. Ward 1882
 HMC1449  America The Beautiful  Samuel A. Ward 1882
 HMC939  America The Beautiful  Samuel A. Ward 1882
 HMC987  America!  In Thesaurus Musicus (London), 1740
 HMC1003  American Dream  Ed Harris
 HMC765  An Advent Prayer  Allen Pote
 HMC782  An Anthem Of Comfort  Gilbert Martin
 HMC967  An Apostle'S Prayer  David Schwoebel
 HMC1213  An Easter Anthem  Christopher Boodle
 HMC1252  An Easter Benediction  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC107  An English Mass  Alice Parker
 HMC1057  An Expression Of Gratitude  David Schwoebel
 HPC7091  An Instrument Of The Lord  Hank Beebe
 HMC1956  An Instrument Of Your Peace  Ralph Manuel
 HMC1465  An Irish Blessing  Michael Nuss
 HMC1833  An Upper Room  O Waly Waly(Old English Tune)
 HMC740  And All God'S People Said, "Amen"  Robert Olson
 HMC1930  And Can It Be That I Should Gain  Jim Taylor
 HMC1930A  And Can It Be That I Should Gain - Instr.  Jim Taylor
 HMC1284  And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears  Eleanor Daley
 HPC7000  And I Was Glad  Hank Beebe
 HMC1349  And The Father Will Dance  Mark Hayes
 HMC637  And The Father Will Dance  Mark Hayes
 HMC1020  And When All Things Had Come To Pass  C. Gregor (1723-1801)
 HMC1020A  And When All Things Had Come To Pass - Instr.  C. Gregor (1723-1801)
 C20  Angels We Have Heard On High  French Carol
 HMC1333  Angels We Have Heard On High  French Carol
 HMC1935  Angels We Have Heard On High  French Carol
 HMC1333A  Angels We Have Heard On High - Instr.  French Carol
 HS194CD  Anniversary - Chanticleer - Cd  
 HMC1989  Annua Gaudia  J David Moore
 HMC2197  Anoj Pusej Dunojelio  Vaclovas Augustinas
 HMC1151  Anthem Of Peace  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1356  Antiphon Of Praise  Nancy Cobb Lippens
 HMC545B  Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town  Louise Talma
 HMC1852  Aria From The Bach Orchestral Suite No.3 In D Major  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC669  Arise And Sing A Psalm  Allen Pote
 HMC1210  Arise My Love  Dale Grotenhuis
 HMC800  Arise, My Love  Jack Noble White
 HMC802  Arise, My Love  Jack Noble White
 HMC1847  Arise, My Love, My Fair One  Bradley Nelson
 HMC1998  Arise, Shine  John Rutter
 HMC2163  Arise, Shine  Dan Forrest
 HMC2163A  Arise, Shine - Orchestration  Dan Forrest
 HS295CD  Arise, Shine! - Cd  Dan Forrest
 HMC1442  Arkansas Traveler  American Folk Song
 VH100  Art Of The King'S Singers - Video  
 HMC1431  Art Thou Troubled  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMC386  As A Choir Celestial  Dimitri Bortnianski (1751-1825)
 HMC2035  As Beautiful As She  Eugene Butler
 HMC1674  As I Went To Bethlehem  Robert Lau
 HMC1760  As I Went To Bethlehem  Robert Lau
 HMC1476  As Oft As We Expect The Favor (So Oft Wir In Erwartung...)  Johannes Herbst (1735-1812)
 HMC472  As Tenderly As A Father  John Shepherd
 HMC448  As The Bridegroom To His Chosen  Peter Cutts
 HMC274  As You Go Through The Days Of Your Life  Sue Ellen Page
 HMC2157  Ascription Of Praise  David Schwoebel
 HMC615  Ascription Of Praise  David Schwoebel
 HMC1909  A'Soalin  Paul Stookey, Tracy Batteast, Elena Mezzetti
 HMC1909A  A'Soalin-Instr.  Paul Stookey, Tracy Batteast, Elena Mezzetti
 HMC2249  At Jesus' Knee  Anne Marie Hildebrandt
 HMC1748  At The Break Of Day  Aristeau Pires Junior
 HMC1311  At The Break Of Day (Logo De Manha)  Aristeau Pires Junior
 HMC1415  At The Edge Of Tomorrow  Ruth Artman
 HMC1415A  At The Edge Of Tomorrow-Brass  Ruth Artman
 HMC1415B  At The Edge Of Tomorrow-Strings  Ruth Artman
 HMC747  At This Holiday Time  Dick Averre
 HMC332  At This Joyous Christmas Time  Spanish Carol
 HMC1877  Audi Voces  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC1199  Aura Lee  Southern Folk Tune
 HMC992  Author Of Faith  Kathryn Stephenson
 HMC2189  Author Of Life Divine  Bob Burroughs
 HMC701  Autumn Canticle  Carl Nygard
 HMC333  Ave Maria  R. Nathaniel Dett
 HMC1395  Ave Maria (In D)  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC1253  Ave Maria (Trio/Ttbb)  Franz Biebl
 HMC2279  Ave Maria(Ssa/Ssaa)  Franz Biebl
 HMC1500  Ave Regina  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC490  Ave Verum  W. A. Mozart
 HMC490A  Ave Verum - Instr.  W. A. Mozart
 HMC1366  Ave Verum Corpus  Nicholas White
 HMC1649  Ave Verum Corpus  Robert Lau
 HS191CD  Ave Verum Corpus - Cd (Cscd507)  
 HMC1583  Awake, Arise And Hail The Morn  From Sacred Harp (1844)
 C04  Awake, My Soul, Awake, My Tongue  Kay Hawkes Goodyear
 HPC7085  Away In A Lowly Manger  John Miller
 HPC7085A  Away In A Lowly Manger-Instr.  John Miller
 HMC1627  Away In A Manger  William J. Kirkpatrick
 HMC2260  Away In A Manger  Traditional Normandy Tune
 HMC837  Away In A Manger  J.R. Murray
 HMC925  Away In A Manger  William J. Kirkpatrick
 HMB184  Bach And Handel Choral Performance Practices  
 HMC752  Barter  Tullye B Norton
 HMC253  Basic Vocal Production #2  
 HMC689  Basketball! A Court Jest  Bayne Dobbins
 HMC1241  Be Filled With The Spirit  Mark Wilson
 HMC1729  Be Praised O God  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC1729A  Be Praised O God-Instr  Paul Leddington Wright
 HPC7012  Be Still  Hank Beebe
 HB002  Be Thou My Vision  
 HMC135  Be Thou My Vision  Irish Carol
 HMC375  Be Thou My Vision  Irish Carol
 HMC418  Be Thou My Vision  Irish Carol
 HS280CD  Be Thou My Vision - Cd (Cscd514)  
 HMC135A  Be Thou My Vision - Instr.  Irish Carol
 HMC1793  Be Thou My Vision (Slane Hymn Tune)  Irish Carol
 HMC177  Beatus Vir  Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
 HMC1835  Beatus Vir  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMC1433  Beautiful Dreamer  Stephen Foster
 HMC1747  Beautiful Dreamer  Stephen Foster
 HMC318  Beautiful Song  Ed Harris
 HMC1263  Beauty For Ashes  R. Paul Thompson
 HMC1477  Because I Could Not Stop For Death  Kenneth J. Dunbar
 HPC7029  Beebe Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God  Hank Beebe
 HMC277  Begrabnisgesang  Johannes Brahms (1833-1898)
 HMC277A  Begrabnisgesang - Instr.  Johannes Brahms (1833-1898)
 HPC7087  Behold I Bring You Good News  John Miller
 HMC901  Behold The Shepherd  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC2256  Behold, I Bring You Glad Tidings  Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)
 HMC2256A  Behold, I Bring You Glad Tidings - Instr.  Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)
 HPC7087A  Behold, I Bring You Good News - Instrumentation  John Miller
 HMC1808  Behold, I Make All Things New  Allen Pote
 HPC7035  Behold, I Make All Things New  Hank Beebe
 HMC1158  Behold, That Star  Spiritual
 HPC7068  Behold, Your Salvation Comes  Hank Beebe
 HMC1167  Believe  Ruth Artman
 HMC1418  Bells In The Sky  Andalusian Carol
 HMC536  Belonging  Paul Sjolund
 HMC1738  Beloved In Christ  Susan Naylor Callaway
 HMC2184  Benediction  Dan Kreider
 HMC846  Benediction  Carl Nygard
 HMC1108  Best Friends  Rob Landes
 HMC2232  Bethlehem, O Bethlehem  Robert Lau
 HMC1103  Better Start Lookin' Up  Rob Landes
 HMC1392  Bile Them Cabbage Down  American Folk Song
 HMC1707  Bitter The Night  Dick Thompson
 HMC1719  Bitter The Night  Dick Thompson
 HMC746  Bittersweet  Edwin Penhorwood
 HMC1171  Bless The Lord, O My Soul  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HMC1635  Bless Us With Your Peace  Kenneth Lowenberg
 HMC1183  Bless Us, Lord  C. Gregor (1723-1801)
 HMC1944  Bless Your Church, O Lord  Robert Lau
 HMC1923  Blessed  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC971  Blessed Are The Children Of God  Craig Parsons
 HMC974  Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart  Woldemar Voullaire (1825-1902)
 HMC974A  Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart - Instrumentation  Woldemar Voullaire (1825-1902)
 HS270CD  Blessed Assurance - Cd  
 HPC7009  Blessed Be  Hank Beebe
 C30  Blessed Be The God And Father  Frederick Swann And John Darwall
 HMC627  Blessed Is The Man  Jane Marshall
 C11  Blessed Redeemer  Harry Dixon Loes 1920
 HMC886  Blessing From Paul  John Horman
 HMC197  Blow The Wind Southerly  Nortumbrian Folk Song
 HMC542  Bought With A Price  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC632  Boy Child Of Mary  African Malawi Tune
 HMC2159  Brazilian Alleluia(Aleliua Braseleira)  Ralph Manuel
 HMC910  Break Forth Into Joy  Stan Pethel
 HMC1756  Break Forth Into Singing  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC1598  Break Forth, Mountains  Sandra T Ford
 HMC965  Break The Bread  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1889  Breath Of Life  Mark Hayes
 HMC745  Brethren, We Have Met To Worship  David Schwoebel
 HMC160  Bright New Day  Edwin Robertson
 HMC544  Brightest And Best  Paul Sjolund
 HMC1772  Brightness Of Eternal Glory  Margaret Petty
 HMC1325  Building On The Vision  Mark Wilson & Kremser Hymn Tune
 HMB175  Built On A Rock  
 HMB175R  Built On A Rock - Rental  
 HMC2214  Buttermilk Hill  American Folk Song
 HPO3007  By Arrangement Only  
 HMC165  By Gracious Powers  Joseph Gelineau
 HMC1277  By M' By  Spiritual
 HMC1448  Byker Hill  Irish Carol
 HMC2130  Calling My Children Home  Doyle Lawson, Charles Waller, Robert Yates
 HMC1324  Calypso Carol  Michael Perry
 HPC7061  Camptown Races  Stephen Foster
 HMC885  Can This Be Love?  Eugene Butler
 HS292CD  Candlelight - (Cscd518)  
 HMB234  Canite Tuba  Donald Mccullough
 HMB234B  Canite Tuba-Organ, Timpani & Percussion  Donald Mccullough
 HPC7020  Can'T Carry A Tune In A Bucket  Hank Beebe
 HMB146  Cantate  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1095  Cantate Domino  Heinrich Schutz (1585-1672)
 HMC1401  Cantate Domino  Imant Raminsh
 HMC2181  Cantate Domino  Guy Forbes
 HMC900  Cantate Domino  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1401A  Cantate Domino - Instr.  Imant Raminsh
 HMC1358  Canticle Of Praise  Thirteenth Century
 HMC1450  Canticle Of Praise  Mark Hayes
 HMC2237  Canticle Of Thanksgiving  John Rutter
 HMC1730  Cantique De Jean Racine  Gabriel Faure
 HMC714  Cantique De Jean Racine  Gabriel Faure
 HMC933  Cantique De Jean Racine Opus Ii  Gabriel Faure
 HPC7081  Carol Fantasy  John Miller
 HMC1501  Carol Me Sweetly  Charles Brown
 HMC1425  Carol Of Beauty  Stuart Wilson
 HMC1342  Carol Of Joy  Nicholas White
 HMC1548  Carol Of The Bells  Ukranian Folksong
 HMC1866  Carol Of The Brightest Star  Winnagene Hatch
 HMC2246  Carol Of The Magi  John Rutter
 HMC2246A  Carol Of The Magi - Solo Cello Part  John Rutter
 HMC744  Carol Of The Shepherd Boy  Carl Nygard
 HMC1902  Carol Of The Shepherds  Derek Holman
 HMC930  Carol Of The Six Christmas Bells  Christopher Boodle
 HMC1285  Carol Of The Stable  Sandra T Ford
 HMC703  Carols Around (And A Round)  Traditional Carol
 HMC964  Carols Around (And A Round)  Traditional Carol
 HMC1435  Catch A Vision  Edwin Robertson
 HMC341  Celebrate And Sing  Duane Blakley
 HMC1957  Celebrate The Lord  Donna Butler
 HMC1685  Celebrate!  David Schwoebel
 HMC1685A  Celebrate! - Instr.  David Schwoebel
 HMC162  Celebration Anthem  Bill Bauer
 HMC2280  Cells Planets  Erika Lloyd Gergel
 HMB140FX  Ceremonial Fanfares - Orchestra Set  John Hotchkis
 HMB140  Ceremonial Hymns And Fanfares  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMB203  Changed My Name/Sisters Of Freedom  Linda Twine And Traditional Spirituals
 HMB246  Chanticleer Christmas Anthology  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMB232  Chanticleer Silver Jubilee Anthology  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1979  Chanukah Prayer  David Lantz III
 HMC323  Cherubic Hymn No. 7  Dimitri Bortnianski (1751-1825)
 HMC1125  Childhood Dreams  Donald Fraser
 HMB124  Children, Saints, And Charming Sounds  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1573  Chill Of The Nightfall  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC1573A  Chill Of The Nightfall-Instr.  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC1140  Choral Fanfare And Meditation On Blessed Assurance  
 HMC254  Choral Ornamentation  
 HMB160  Choral Sounds Of Praise  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMB205A  Choral Warmups From A To Z: Singing Dr. Seuss'S Abc-Student  Karle Erickson
 HMB205  Choral Warmups From A To Z: Singing Dr. Seuss'S Abc-Teacher  Karle Erickson
 HMC2266  Chou Nu Er  Yi Wen Chang
 HMC1874  Christ In Creation  David Schwoebel
 HMC1796  Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation  Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
 HMC830  Christ Is Now Arisen  German Melody, 14Th Century
 HMC249  Christ Lag In Todenbanden  Johannes Eccard (1553-1611)
 HMC1521  Christ Our Shepherd Faithful Is (Jesus Unser Hirt Ist Treu)  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 C15  Christ The Lord Is Risen Today  From A Melody In Lyra Davidica, 1708
 HMC1831  Christ The Lord Is Risen Today  From A Melody In Lyra Davidica, 1708
 HMC1651  Christ The Lord Is Risen Today!  Mark L. Williams
 HMC1781  Christ, Of All My Hopes  David Schwoebel
 HMC1513  Christ, The Lord, Is Risen Today  From A Melody In Lyra Davidica, 1708
 HMC1614  Christ, Whose Glory Fills The Skies  Robert Powell
 HMC1083  Christmas Around The World  Jack Noble White
 HMC348  Christmas Bells  Norwegian Folk Carol
 HMC452  Christmas Bells  Ed Harris
 HMC1818  Christmas Brings Joy  David Schwoebel
 HMC1423  Christmas Candles  Swedish Melody
 HPC7089  Christmas Candles  Hank Beebe
 HMB220  Christmas Cantata  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMB220A  Christmas Cantata-Full Orchestration  Keaton Lee Scott
 HS243CD  Christmas Cantatas - Bach - Cd  
 HMC587  Christmas Festival  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1082  Christmas Fiesta  Jack Noble White
 HMC1153  Christmas Is A Feeling  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC116  Christmas Is A Feeling  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1938  Christmas Lullaby  Verallen Edwards Kleinhenz
 HS183CD  Christmas Night - Cd (Col106Cd)  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HS241CD  Christmas Oratorio - Bach - Cd  
 HMC232  Christmas Quodlibet  David Peninger
 HPC7037  Christmas Round  Hank Beebe
 HMC151  Christmas Spirit  Jack Kunz
 HMC1242  Christmas Spiritual Medley  Spiritual
 HS253CD  Christmas Star - Cd (Cscd503)  
 HMB163  Christmas Stars  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC549  Christmas Time  Audrey Snyder
 HMC817  Christmas Trilogy  Joe Fitzmartin
 HMC1224  Christmas Tryptich  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1051  Cindy  American Folk Song
 HMC1051A  Cindy - Instr.  American Folk Song
 HMC187  Citizens Of Earth  Hank Beebe
 HMC2230  Clap Your Hands  Steve Hopkins
 HMC920  Clap Your Hands And Sing  Allen Pote
 HMC602  Come An' Warm The Boy-Child  Gilbert Martin
 HMC427  Come As A Child  Mark Wilson
 HMC1918  Come Away  Gyorgy Orban
 HMV101  Come Gentle Dark  John Jacob Niles
 HMC325  Come Holy Spirit (Komm, Heiliger Geist)  Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612)
 HMC1268  Come Join In Singing  J. Jerome Williams
 HMC1699  Come Labour On  John S. Scott (1881-1960)
 HMC1473  Come On Children Let'S Sing  Spiritual
 HMC1863  Come Sing The Joy Of The Lord  Sandra T Ford
 HMC1955A  Come Thou Fount - Instr.  Nettleton (Resp-Sacr Mus) & Warrenton (South Harm)
 HMC1955  Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing  Nettleton (Resp-Sacr Mus) & Warrenton (South Harm)
 HPC7056  Come To Me  John Miller
 HMC1047  Come To Me, O My Love  Allan Robert Petker
 HMC1764  Come To Me, O My Love  Allan Robert Petker
 HMC1853  Come To Me, O My Love  Allan Robert Petker
 HMC2178  Come To Me, O My Love  Allan Robert Petker
 HMC997  Come To Me, O My Love  Allan Robert Petker
 HMC1429  Come Unto Me  Richard Smith
 HMC384  Come We That Love The Lord  William Walker (1835)
 HMC1947  Come With Us To Bethlehem  James E. Green And Valerie Crescenz
 C06  Come Ye Disconsolate  Southern Harmony, 1835
 HMC1024  Come Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain  Arthur Seymour Sullivan (1842-1900)
 HMC1892  Come, All Children, Join To Sing  Kenneth Lowenberg
 C03  Come, Christians, Join To Sing  Kay Hawkes Goodyear
 HMC1410  Come, Christians, Join To Sing!  Benjamin Carr/David Evans
 HMC1391  Come, Follow Me  Samuel Mcburney(B.1847)
 HPC7084  Come, Holy Spirit  Loonis Mcglohon Ip Trust
 HMC1414  Come, Holy Spirit, Come  Ruth Artman
 HMC1232  Come, Let'S Rejoice  John Amner (?-1641)
 HMC804  Come, Lord Jesus  Bobby Huguley
 HMC134  Come, My Soul, Tis Time For Waking  Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
 HMC1921  Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC283  Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC1640  Come, Watch With Us This Christmas Night  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC1640A  Come, Watch With Us This Christmas Night - Instr  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC799  Come, Ye Disconsolate  Crystal Lapoint Kowalski
 HMC378  Come, Ye That Love The Savior'S Name  John Burke
 HMC2206  Come, You Who Are Filled  Gwen Mcleod Hall
 HMC242  Common Musical Terms  
 HMC436  Communion Prayer  Allen Pote
 HMC2229  Concertato On For The Beauty Of The Earth  Conrad Kocher (1786-1872)
 HMC2226  Concertato On Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty  John Bacchus Dykes (1823-1876)
 HMC1855  Concertato On Of The Father'S Love Begotten  Plain Song, Thirteenth Century
 HMC1822  Concertato On People, Look East  Marie Rubis Bauer
 HMC1837  Confitebor Tibi  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMO175  Confitemini Domino  Carlyle Sharpe
 HMB166  Conscience Of A Profession  
 HPC7100  Constellation  Frank Ticheli
 HMC218  Corpus Christi  Robert Young
 HMC1327  Coventry Carol  English Folk Tune
 HMC1327A  Coventry Carol-Instr.  English Folk Tune
 HMC884  Cover Him Joseph  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1283  Cradle Hymn  Gilbert Martin
 HMC557  Create In Me A Clean Heart  Allen Pote
 HMB103  Creative Hymn Singing  
 HMC1671  Creator Of The Stars Of Night  Sandra T Ford
 HS261CD  Credo - Penderecki - Cd  
 HMC2109A  Credo In C-Instr.  Mazzoni, Antonio
 HMB259  Credo In D A8  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMB225  Credo In G  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMC1945  Cross Of Jesus, Cross Of Sorrow  Thomas J. Williams (1890)
 HMC471  Cross-Cry  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1566  Crown Him Lord Of All  Dale Grotenhuis
 C24  Crown Him With Many Crowns  George J. Elvey (1816-1893)
 HMC1319  Crown Him With Many Crowns  George J. Elvey (1816-1893)
 HMC1604  Crown Him With Many Crowns  George J. Elvey (1816-1893)
 C24A  Crown Him With Many Crowns - Instr.  George J. Elvey (1816-1893)
 HMC1319A  Crown Him With Many Crowns - Instr.  George J. Elvey (1816-1893)
 HS271CD  Crown Him! Cd  
 HMC1913  Crown Of Thorns  David Lantz III
 HMC769  Cry Out And Shout  Douglas E. Wagner
 HMC1829  Daemon Irrepit Callidus  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC908  Daniel Saw The Stone  Spiritual
 HPC7077  Danny Boy SATB arr. Flummerfelt  Londonderry Air
 HMC1992  Dans Cette Etable (Now In The Manger)  French Carol
 HMC1050  Day By Day  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC1606  Day By Day  Blott En Dag (Hymn Tune)
 HMC1711  Day Is A-Breakin In My Soul  Appalachian Folk Song
 HMB114  Day-Spring  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC528  Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts  Stephen Foster
 HMC1579  Dear Jesus, In Whose Life I See  Ted Davis
 HMC1994  Dear John, Dear John  Steve Hopkins
 HMC1374  Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind  Austin Lovelace
 HMB206  Dear People...Robert Shaw  
 HMC1568  December  Nancy Gifford
 HPC7066  Deck The Hall  Traditional Carol
 HMC1416  Declare The Glory Among The Nations  Lloyd Larson
 HMC1370  Deep River  Spiritual
 HMC1460  Deep River  Spiritual
 HMC889  Deo Gracias  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC247  Der Tanz  Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
 HMC326  Des Tages Weihe  Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
 HMC1389  Descants For Great Congregational Hymns  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC477  Die Musici  German Folk Songs
 HMC407  Die Nachtigall  Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
 HMI001  Distant Land - Version For Orchestra - Rental  John Rutter
 HMC1908  Distant Land (Prayer For Freedom)  John Rutter
 HMC1610  Do You Have A Song?  Henry Hinnant
 HMC1509  Dolcissimi Colori  William Hawley
 HMC1967A  Domine Fili -- Parts  Giambattista Martini
 HMC1967  Domine Fili A 3  Giambattista Martini
 HMC1965  Dona Nobis Pacem  Leopold Mozart
 HMC1813  Dormi, Jesu  Eleanor Daley
 HMC1188  D'Ou Viens-Tu, Bergere?  French Carol
 HMC1601  Down By The Riverside  American Folk Song
 HMC2081  Down By The Salley Gardens  Traditional Irish
 HMC711  Down In The Forest  Steve Shepley
 HMC1446  Down In The Valley  Folk
 HMC109  Down The Road  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC110  Down The Road  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC862  Down To Earth  Michael Bedford
 HMC1767  Dramolett  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC592  Dreaming A Lazy Way The Day  John Shepherd
 HMC1599  Dreams  Sandra T Ford
 HMC2169  Dreams  Tom Shelton
 HPC7098  Earth Song  Frank Ticheli
 HMC1275  Earth'S Easter Song  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC231  Earth'S Scattered Isles  Walter Pelz
 HMC231A  Earth'S Scattered Isles - Instr.  Walter Pelz
 HMO177  Easter Fantasy  John Gardner
 HMC601  Echo Song(O La, O Che Bon Eccho!)  Orlando Di Lasso (1532-1594)
 HMC1716  Echoes Of The Season  
 HMC1716A  Echoes Of The Season - Instr.  Stralsund Ernewerten Gesangbuch, 1665
 HMC1280  El Vito  Spanish Folk Song
 HMC1817  Eldorado  Emma Lou Diemer
 HMC1574  Elegy  Carl Nygard
 HMC1740  Eliza Jane  Folk
 HMC2158  Embraced Within Your Loving Arms  Susan Naylor Callaway
 HMC2174  En Belen Tocan A Fuego (Bells In Bethlehem)  Spanish Carol
 HMC732  Encore  Carl Nygard
 HMC522  English Diction For The Choral Singer  
 HMB227  English Ways: Conversations With English Choral Conductors  
 VH102  Ensemble Diction-Language And Style, Principles, Application  
 HMC566  Enter Into His Gates  Roger Mcmurrin
 HMC1991A  Entre Le Boeuf - Instr  French Carol
 HMC1991  Entre Le Boeuf Et Lane Gris (There Twixt The Ox . . .)  French Carol
 HMC245  Entreation  Bradley Nelson
 HMC2167  Erie Canal  American Folk Song
 HMC1274  Esta Noche (On That Night)  Spanish Carol
 HMC1553  Eternal God  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1731  Eternal God  John Rutter
 HS283CD  Eternal Rest Cd  
 HMC1880  Even Darkness  David Schwoebel
 HMC1975  Evening Meal (The Lord'S Supper)  Ralph Johnson
 HMC1708  Evening Prayer  Christine Perkey
 HMC276  Ever 'Gainst That Season  Michael Fink
 HMC1426  Evergreen Fragrance, Candlelight Glow  Richard Smith
 HMC1007  Every Christmas  Carl Nygard
 HMC1215  Everybody Sing  John Gardner
 HMC1249  Exalted Be  Ruth Artman
 HS186CD  Faire Is The Heaven - Cd (Col0107Cd)  
 HMC400  Fairest Lord Jesus  Gilbert Martin
 HS230CD  Fancies - Cd (Col0117Cd)  John Rutter
 HMC1088  Fantasy On A Moravian Hymn  Moravian Hymn
 HMC1088A  Fantasy On A Moravian Hymn - Instr.  Moravian Hymn
 HMC658  Fare Thee Well  Blues (Traditional)
 HMC1560  Farewell  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC1645  Father, Give Thy Benediction  David Schwoebel
 HMC2186  Fear Not  Carl Nygard
 HS272CD  Feel The Spirit - Cd (Col0128Cd)  
 HMC1115  Festival Anthem On O Praise Ye The Lord  C.H.H. Parry
 HMC1581  Festival Easter Hymn On Grafton  Grafton,Mel.Fr.Chants Ordinaires De L'Office 1881
 HMC818  Festival Hymn Of Thanksgiving  Tune From "Netherlands"
 HMC818A  Festival Hymn Of Thanksgiving - Instrumentation  Paul Sjolund
 HMB119  Festival Praise  
 HMB120  Festival Praise - Instr.  
 HMB187  Festival Psalm (Psalm 145)  Edwin Penhorwood
 HMC2236  Fidelia Omnia  G.B. Pergolesi (1710-1736)
 HMC2199  Field Of Violets  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC1758  Fight The Good Fight  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC578  Fight The Good Fight  Gilbert Martin
 HMC753  Fill The World With A Song  Allen Pote
 HMC1857  Find In Me  Henry Hinnant
 HMC2153  Find In Me  Henry Hinnant
 HMC1447  First Came Aardvarks  Allen Pote
 HMB233  Five Christmas Carols  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC2044  Five Fat Fleas  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HMB125A  Five Loaves And Two Fishes - Instr.  
 HMB125  Five Loaves And Two Fishes Full/Choral Score  
 HMC440  Five Loaves And Two Fishes-Choral Part Only  John Horman
 CHC5011  Flee As A Bird  M.S.B. Dana
 HMC677  Flee, O Flee From Love'S Desire  Orlando Di Lasso (1532-1594)
 HS184CD  Flora Gave Me Fairest Flowers - Cd (Cscd511)  
 HMB221  Folksong Transformations - Book  
 VH104  Folksong Transformations-Video  
 HMC801  Follow  Jack Noble White
 HMC1407  Follow The Light  Margaret Kirk
 HMC1529  For A Child  Carl Nygard
 HMC1783  For A Vision Of The World  Carl Nygard
 HB005  For All The Saints  
 HMC1467  For All The Saints  Edwin Robertson
 HMC1878  For All The Saints  Ralph Vaughan Williams
 HMC991  For All The Saints  Kenneth Mahy
 HMC717  For Communion  Gilbert Martin
 HMC650  For His Own  Dale Peterson
 HPC7064  For Now  Anthony Polistina
 HPC7025  For The Love Of Music  Hank Beebe
 HMC144  For The Mountains Shall Depart  Hank Beebe
 HMC144A  For The Mountains Shall Depart-Instr  Hank Beebe
 HMC1372  For The Music Of Creation  Allen Pote
 HMC816  For Unto Us A Child Is Born  Heinrich Schutz (1585-1672)
 HMC816A  For Unto Us A Child Is Born - Instrumentation  Heinrich Schutz (1585-1672)
 HMC204  For Us A Child Is Born  Heinz Werner Zimmermann
 HMC622  Forever I Will Sing  Mark Hayes
 HMC122  Four About Life And Death  James Fritschel
 HMC353  Four German Folk Songs  German Folk Songs
 HMC1776  Free At Last!  Spiritual
 HMO145  Free Harmonizations...Vol I  
 HMV115  From A King'S Songbook (Three Psalms For Tenor And Organ)  Robert Lau
 HMC1959  From All That Dwell Below The Skies  David Schwoebel
 HMC1959A  From All That Dwell Below The Skies - Cond. Score  David Schwoebel
 HMC788  From Heaven Above  Martin Luther
 HMC969  From Tender Stem  Carl Nygard
 HMC928  Fum, Fum, Fum!  Catalonian Carol
 HMC1368  Galbally Farmer  Folk
 HMC1338  Garden Prayer  Sandra T Ford
 HMC1809  Gentle Annie  Stephen Foster
 HMC1233  Gentle Breezes Of Judea  Dave & Jean Perry
 HMC706  Gentle Lena Clare  Stephen Foster
 HMC439  Get You Up  Knut Nystedt
 HMV103  Gift To Be Simple  Early Shaker
 HMC1763  Give Me Jesus  Spiritual
 HMC1825  Give Me Jesus  Spiritual
 HMC694  Give Me The Splendid Silent Sun  Eugene Butler
 HMC2162  Give Thanks To The Lord  Gerre Hancock
 HMC2252  Give Thanks To The Lord For He Is Good  David Lantz III
 HMC1027  Give Thanks Unto The Lord  Ralph Manuel
 HMC306  Glad Tidings  Natalie Sleeth
 HPC7079  Glendy Burk  Stephen Foster
 HMB190  Gloria  Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805)
 HMC1641  Gloria  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMB190A  Gloria - Boccherini - Orchestration  Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805)
 HS181CD  Gloria - Cd (Cscd515)  John Rutter
 HMC1556  Gloria Et Honore  J. Michael Haydn (1737-1806)
 HMC1373  Gloria Fanfare  French Carol
 HMC1373A  Gloria Fanfare - Instr.  French Carol
 HMB198A  Gloria From Mass #2 (Formerly Coll2289)  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC178  Gloria Patri  Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
 HMC1557  Gloriosus Deus  J. Michael Haydn (1737-1806)
 HMC1557A  Gloriosus Deus-Instr.  J. Michael Haydn (1737-1806)
 HMC1934  Glory And Praise  Dietrich Buxtehude
 HMC1995  Glory Hallelujah To The New Born King  Spiritual
 HMC803  Glory To God  Mark Wilson
 HMC1969  Glory To God On High  Felice De Giardini
 HMC736  Glory To God!  Winnagene Hatch
 HMC685  Glory To The Father  G.B. Pergolesi (1710-1736)
 HMC2156  Glory To The King! Sing Hosanna!  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMC1800  Glory To Thee, My God, This Night  Thomas Tallis
 HMC1479  Glory! Glory!  Charles J. Torian, Jr.
 HMC419  Glory, Hodie!  Robert Thygerson
 HMC294  Go Climb A Sycamore Tree  Roman Lavore
 HMC1302  Go Down Moses  Spiritual
 HMC704  Go Down Moses  Mark Hayes
 HB011  Go Down, Moses  Spiritual
 HMC511  Go Forth Into The World In Peace  Paul Sjolund
 HMC940  Go Gently Into The Morning  Douglas E. Wagner
 HMC942  Go Gently Into The Morning  Douglas E. Wagner
 HMC1482  Go Lovely Rose  Timothy Snyder
 HMC1077  Go Not Far From Me, O God  Zingarelli Fm:"Christus E Miserere"
 HMC2141  Go Now In Peace  Robert Lau
 HMC596  Go Now In Peace  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC117  Go Out With Joy  Hank Beebe
 HMC1078  Go Tell It On The Mountain  Spiritual
 HMC1293  Go Tell It On The Mountain  Spiritual
 HMC388  Go Tell It On The Mountain  John Gardner
 HMC388A  Go Tell It On The Mountain  John Gardner
 HMC543  Go Tell It On The Mountain  Spiritual
 HMC1552  Go Tell It On The Mountain-Ssaa  John Gardner
 HMC426  Go 'Way From My Window  American Folk Song
 HMC1258  God Has Forgiven Us  Mark Hayes
 HMC766  God Has Gone Up With A Shout!  Stan Pethel
 HMC766A  God Has Gone Up With A Shout! - Instr.  Stan Pethel
 HMC1357  God Is In Our Midst  Mark Hayes
 HMC1357A  God Is In Our Midst-Orch  Mark Hayes
 HMC1739  God Is In The All-Time  Ross C Bernhardt
 HMC1617  God Is Love  Ralph Manuel
 HMC1436  God Is Loving  Heinz Werner Zimmermann
 HMC373  God Is My Rock  Ed Harris
 HMC1879  God Makes A Path  Jonathan Shippey
 HPC7039  God Of All Grace  Hank Beebe
 HMC393  God Of Grace And God Of Glory  John Gardner
 HMC523  God Of Love And God Of Power  Joachim Neander (1650-1680)
 HMC523A  God Of Love And God Of Power - Instrumentation  Joachim Neander (1650-1680)
 HMC390  God Of Our Fathers  John Gardner
 HMC1244  God Of Our Life  Donna Butler
 HMC2225  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen  English Traditional
 HMC659  God So Loved The World  John Stainer (1840-1901)
 HMC1968  God, The Lord, A King Remaineth  William Owen, 1852
 HMC1968A  God, The Lord, A King Remaineth -- Instrumentation  William Owen, 1852
 HMC1622  God, Yet Man  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC410  God'S Glory Echoes Through The Skies  Hal Hopson
 HMC1701  God'S Special Star  Robert H. Mciver
 HMC2080  Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes  Tom Shelton
 HMC1587  Good Christians All, Rejoice And Sing!  David Schwoebel
 HMC561  Good Christians All, Rejoice!  German Melody, 14Th Century
 HMC990  Good Friday Story  Johann Christian Geisler (1729-1815)
 HMC990R  Good Friday Story - Instrumentation Rental  Johann Christian Geisler (1729-1815)
 HMC1133  Good Morning Creation  Jack Noble White
 HMC2220  Good Night, Dear Heart  Dan Forrest
 HMC1871  Good People All, This Christmastime  Irish Carol
 HMC2055  Good Religion  Spiritual
 HMC1216  Good Tidings We Sing  
 CHC5013  Gospel Favorites Medley  
 HMC2191  Gospodi Pomilui  G.V. Lvovsky(1830-1894)
 HMC1288  Grandfather'S Clock  Henry C. Work
 HMC1843  Grandfather'S Clock  Henry C. Work
 HMC865  Great Is Thy Faithfulness  W.M. Runyan
 HMC1494  Great Sabbath Hymn  Nola Reed Knouse
 HMV104  Greatest Of These  Edwin Penhorwood
 HMC713  Green Grows The Holly  Steve Shepley
 HMB183  Group Vocal Technique - The Book  
 HMB183A  Group Vocal Technique - The Vocalise Cards  
 HDVD103  Group Vocal Technique: The Choral Warmup  
 VH103  Group Vocal Technique: The Choral Warm-Up  
 HDVD136  Group Vocal Technique: Video Companion To Book  
 VH136  Group Vocal Techniques - Video Companion To Book  
 HMC1946  Hail The Day That Sees Him Rise  Robert Lau And W.H. Monk
 HMC455  Hail To The Lord'S Anointed  Gilbert Martin
 HS225CD  Hail! Queen Of Heaven - Cd (Cscd508)  
 HS198CD  Hail, Gladdening Light - Cd (Col0113Cd)  
 HMC899  Halleluja! Now Be Joyful!  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC963  Halleluja, The Saviour Lives  David Mortiz Michael (1751-1827)
 HMC963R  Halleluja, The Saviour Lives - Rental-Do Not Use  David Mortiz Michael (1751-1827)
 HMC742  Hallelujah  Ludwig Van Beethoven
 HMC1714  Hallelujah! From Athalia  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMC1121  Hallelujah, Praise, Honor Be  J. Bechler (Moravian Hymn-Tune)
 HMC1535  Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet  Joy Webb
 HMC871  Hand Me Down My Walking Cane  Southern Folk Tune
 HMC874  Hand Me Down My Walking Cane  Robert Southwell (1561-1595)
 HMC1071  Hark! The Herald Host Is Singing  Engelbert Humperdinck
 HMC2076  Hark, The Herald Angels Sing Concertato  Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
 HMC2076A  Hark, The Herald Angels Sing Concertato - Instrumentation  Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
 HMC1105  Hark, The Herald Angels Sing!  Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
 HMC1105A  Hark, The Herald Angels Sing! - Instr.  Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
 HMC1317  Harmonious Herbst  Johannes Herbst (1735-1812)
 HMC1317A  Harmonious Herbst - Instr.  Johannes Herbst (1735-1812)
 HMC1485  Harvest Hymn  Lloyd Larson
 HMC2203  Haul Away, Joe!  Folk Melody
 HMC1367  Have Thine Own Way, Lord  Claude Bass
 HMC1840  Have Thine Own Way, Lord  Austin Lovelace
 HMC2274  Have You Seen The Beauty This Day?  Russell Robinson
 HMC1771  He Comes To Us As One Unknown  J Bert Carlson
 HMC683  He Hath Put Down The Mighty  G.B. Pergolesi (1710-1736)
 HMC1427  He Is My Father  Richard Smith
 HMC907  He Leadeth Me  William Batchelder Bradbury (1816-1868)
 HMC1363  He Leadeth Me All The Way  W.B. Bradbury, 1864 And R. Lowry, 1875
 HPC7040  Headed For Parts Unknown  Hank Beebe
 HMC1872  Hear It Resound  David Schwoebel
 HMC1872A  Hear It Resound-Instr.  David Schwoebel
 HMC201  Hear My Words  Stephen Paulus
 HMC603  Hear Us, O Father  Norwegian Folk Tune From Ryfylke
 HMC970  Heaven Bound!  E. Hewitt, C. Tindley, S. Bennett, Trad. Spiritual
 HMC576  Heavenly Voices  Gilbert Martin
 HMC2267  Heavens Embroidered Cloth  Susan Naylor Callaway
 HMC312  Hehlehlooyuh (A Joyful Expression)  James Furman
 HMC1135  Heilig (Holy, Holy, Holy)  Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
 HMC1941  Here Within This House Of Prayer  Milburn Price
 HMC1650  Here, O My Lord  Robert Lau
 HMC424  Here'S Music  Edwin Robertson
 HMC501  Here'S One  Traditional
 HMC1131  He'S Got The Whole World In His Hands  Spiritual
 HMC1390  He'S Got The Whole World In His Hands  Traditional Spiritual
 HMC1084  Hiding In Thee  Ira. D. Sankey (1876)
 HMC790  His Truth Is Marching On  Public Domain
 CHC5009  His Way With Thee  Cyrus S. Nusbaum (1861-1937)
 HMC832  Hodie  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1503  Hodie Christus Natus Est  J.P. Sweelink (1562-1621)
 HMC1948  Hodie Christus Natus Est  Paul Basler
 HMC157  Hodie! Emmanuel! Gloria  Milburn Price
 HMC1420  Holiday Potpourri  Traditional Christmas
 HMB219  Holocaust Cantata: Songs From The Camps  Donald Mccullough
 HMB219A  Holocaust Cantata-Cello  Donald Mccullough
 HMC1623  Holy God  Paul F Page
 HMC1355  Holy Lord  Benjamin Harlan
 HMC624  Holy Spirit, Truth Divine  Sue Ellen Page
 HMC624A  Holy Spirit, Truth Divine - Instr.  Sue Ellen Page
 HMC1118  Home On The Range  Western Traditional
 HMC444  Home On The Range  Western Traditional
 HMC791  Home On The Range  Western Traditional
 HMC1067  Hosanna  Jim Taylor
 HMC518  Hosanna  Knut Nystedt
 HMC712  Hosanna  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1486  Hosanna In Excelsis  Carl Nygard
 HMC623  Hosanna To The Son  Ed Harris
 HMC1261  Hosanna To The Son Of David  Malcolm Archer
 HMC328  How Beautiful Life Can Be  Ed Harris
 HMC239  How Beautiful Upon The Mountains  John Carter
 HMC1869  How Blessed, How Beautiful  Carl Nygard
 HMC1591  How Can I Keep From Singing  Early American Folk Hymn
 HMC1713  How Can I Keep From Singing?  Traditional Shaker
 HMC1749  How Can I Keep From Singing?  Quaker Folk Hymn
 HMC398  How Can I Keep From Singing?  Quaker Folk Hymn
 HMO184  How Did They Play? How Did They Teach?  
 HMC2264  How Do I Love Thee  David Schwoebel
 HMC1079  How Far Is It To Bethlehem  English Carol
 HMC1214  How Far Is It To Bethlehem?  Nicholas White
 HMC2217  How Firm A Foundation  Early American Hymn
 HMC527  How Firm A Foundation  Foundation, Melody From The Sacred Harp, 1844
 HMC527A  How Firm A Foundation - Instr.  Foundation, Melody From The Sacred Harp, 1844
 HMC2217A  How Firm A Foundation - Orchestration  Early American Hymn
 HMC1724  How Glorious Is Your Name  Mark Hayes
 HMC1724A  How Glorious Is Your Name-Instr  Mark Hayes
 HMC1929  How Great The Love Of The Father  David Lantz III
 HMC1567  How Long, O Lord?  Dale Grotenhuis
 HMC761  How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings  Johannes Brahms (1833-1898)
 HMC1688  How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place  Carl Nygard
 HMC1626  How Silently  Lee Roesti
 HMC1354  How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds  David Schwoebel
 HS284CD  How Sweet The Sound Cd  
 HMC1705  Hush, My Dear, Lie Still And Slumber  David Mark Rasbach
 HMC1646  Hush-A-Bye, Darling  Ancient Lochaber Lullaby From "Songs Of The Gael"
 HMO155  Hymn Exultations For Organ  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMB128  Hymns Plus  
 HMC582  I Am A Trav'Ler  Ed Harris
 HMC457  I Am In Love, I Dare Not Own It  Appalachian Folk Song
 HMC594  I Am Just A Little Child  Ruth Artman
 HMC2223  I Am With You Always  John Rutter
 HMC749  I Beseech You To Look  Paul Sjolund
 HMC869  I Came To Be A Dreamer  Carl Nygard
 HMC1821  I Come Unto You!  Constance Hill
 HMC2084  I Did Not Die  Jerry Ulrich
 HMC508  I Gondolieri (The Gondoliers)  Gioacchino Rossini
 HMC315  I Have A Dream  Noel Dacosta
 CHC5003  I Have Come To You  Robert Reid
 HMC1408  I Hear A Voice Callin' For Me  Michael Braz
 HMC721  I Know A Place  Janette Reese
 HMC1221  I Know That My Redeemer Lives  Early American Folk Hymn
 HMC1990  I Lift My Eyes To The Hills  Kenney Potter
 HMC1762  I Lift My Eyes Unto The Hills  Dwight Gustafson
 HMC978  I Lift Up My Eyes  Carl Nygard
 HMC1804  I Listened  Allen Koepke
 HMC1804A  I Listened-Instr.  Allen Koepke
 HPC7007  I Love The Lord  Hank Beebe
 CHC5005  I Need Thee Every Hour  Robert Lowry
 HMC1182  I Need Thee Every Hour  Robert Lowry
 HMC1658  I Need Thee Every Hour  Annie S. Hawkes
 HMC1168  I Open My Mouth (I Won'T Turn Back)  Spiritual
 HMC2228  I Opened My Mouth To The Lord  Spiritual
 HMC647  I Promise I Will Share  John Shepherd
 HMC1841  I Saw Three Ships  English Carol
 HMC923  I Saw Three Ships  English Carol
 HMC1841A  I Saw Three Ships-Percussion Parts  English Carol
 HMC532  I See The Morning Breaking  Folk
 HMC1890  I See You Face To Face  Robert Lau
 HMC1925  I Seek A Journey  Gwen Mcleod Hall
 HMC1239  I Sing  Emma Lou Diemer
 HMC1694  I Sing As I Arise  James Fritschel
 HMC421  I Sing Th' Almighty Power Of God  Salvation (Kentucky Harmony, 1816)
 HPC7017  I Wait For The Lord  Hank Beebe
 HMC2187  I Want Jesus To Walk With Me  Spiritual
 HMC1596  I Want To Be Ready  Traditional American
 HMC1647  I Want To Serve You, Lord  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC1931  I Will Comfort You  Jonathan Shippey
 HMC896  I Will Give Thanks To The Lord  Emma Lou Diemer
 HMC226  I Will Greatly Rejoice  Knut Nystedt
 HMC1276  I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes  C. Steven White
 HMC1544  I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes  Charles Brown
 HS229CD  I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes-Sac Mus-Stanford/Howells (Col0118Cd  
 HMC810  I Will Lift Up My Eyes  John Carter
 HMC911  I Will Sing  Philip Young
 HMC299  I Will Sing And Give Praise  Alice Parker
 HMC429  I Will Sing Of My Redeemer  Bradley Nelson
 HMC1397  I Will Sing To The Lord  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC695  I Will Sing You A New Song  Knut Nystedt
 HMC238  I Wonder Why  Peter Nelson
 C01  I'D Rather Have Jesus  George Beverly Shea
 HMC1282  If Any Man Be In Christ  Ellen Woods Bryce
 HMC1352  If It Is To Be (It Is Up To Me)  Carl Nygard
 HMC1006  If We But Take The Time  Douglas E. Wagner
 HMC342  If With All Your Heart  Duane Blakley
 HMC1087  If Ye Then Be Risen  Edwin Robertson
 HPC7019  If You Can Sing This...You Can Sing Anything  Hank Beebe
 HMC1394  If You Will Only Let God Guide You  Georg Neumark
 HMC1434  If You'Ve Only Got A Moustache  Stephen Foster
 HMC1981  Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant  Traditional French Carol
 HMC668  I'Ll Ay Call In By Yon Town  From The Oxford Scottish Songbook
 HMC1669  I'Ll Build A Stairway To Paradise  George Gerswhin
 HMC1638  I'Ll Praise My Maker  Old 113Th
 HMC519  I'Ll Say It Anyway (Je Le Vous Dirai)  Pierre Certon (? - 1572)
 HMB186  I'Ll Speak The Honors Of My King  Mack Wilberg
 HMC1278  I'M A Gonna Sing!  Spiritual
 HMC842  I'M A-Rollin'  Public Domain
 HMC640  I'M But A Stranger Here  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1129  I'M Goin' Away  North Carolina Folk Song
 HMC1562  I'M Gonna Sing  Public Domain
 HMC251  Im Herbst  Johannes Brahms (1833-1898)
 C17  I'M Saved!  Jack Scholfield (1882-1972)
 HS249CD  Images Of Christ - Cd (Col0124Cd)  
 HMC838  Immanuel: The Savior Is Born  Steve Dunn
 HMC643  Immortal, Invisible  Lanny Allen
 HMC119  In Babylon Town  Ian Copley
 HMC2258  In Bethlehem  Jay Althouse
 HMC1667  In Darkest Night  Gustav Theodore Holst (1874-1934)
 HMC1667A  In Darkest Night-Instr  Gustav Theodore Holst (1874-1934)
 HMC1958  In God'S Name  From Sacred Harp (1844)
 HMC1205  In His Memory  Carl Nygard
 HMC661  In Jesus Rest  J. Leavitt And William Moore
 HMC179  In Memoria Aeterna  Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
 HMC1175  In Moonlight  Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
 HMC403  In Music God Is Glorified  Lloyd Pfautsch
 HMC2224  In Paradisum  Dan Forrest
 HMC1663A  In Paradisum - Faure (Instr)  Gabriel Faure
 HMC2224A  In Paradisum - Orchestra  
 HMC1663  In Paradisum- Faure  Gabriel Faure
 HMC1846  In Perfect Harmony  Mark Hayes
 HMC1628  In Praise Of Music  John Alexander
 HMC1569  In Praise Of Wisdom  Ben Steinberg
 HMB181  In Quest Of Answers  
 HMC961  In Song We Unite  Carl Nygard
 HMC422  In Stiller Nacht  Johannes Brahms (1833-1898)
 HMC1179  In The Bleak Midwinter  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1590  In The Bleak Midwinter  Harold Darke
 HMC1310  In The Bleak Mid-Winter  Mark Hayes
 HMC1347  In The Bleak Mid-Winter  Malcolm Archer
 HMC1561  In The Mornin'  Spiritual
 HMC1028  In The Sweet By And By  David Schwoebel
 HMC188  In Thee Do I Put My Trust  Hank Beebe
 HMC182  In Thee Is Gladness  Giovanni Gastoldi
 HMC607  In These Delightful Pleasant Groves  Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
 HMC127  In These Things We Live  Hank Beebe
 HMC1459  In This House Of Worship  Allen Pote
 HMC2185  In Wintertime  Jay Althouse
 C10  Infant Holy, Infant Lowly  Kay Hawkes Goodyear
 HMC2282  Infant Holy, Infant Lowly  Polish Lullaby Carol
 HMC2254  Inside Your Kingdom  Tim Bushong
 HMC1052  Into The Woods My Master Went  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1609  Into Thy Hands  Charles Brown
 HMC1631  Introit And Blessing  Austin Lovelace
 C22  Introit And Prayer  Diane Bish
 HMC880  Introit And Response  Mark Wilson
 HMC1074  Invictus  Carl Nygard
 HMC1510  Io Son La Primavera  William Hawley
 HMC1507  Io V'Amo Sol Perche Voi Siete Bella  William Hawley
 HMC1076  Irish Blessing  Carolee R Curtright
 HPC7044  Is Christmas Red Or Green?  Hank Beebe
 HMC171  Is It Far To Bethlehem?  Loonis Mcglohon
 HMC1773  Is Not A Flower A Mystery?  Donald Mccullough
 HMC1865  Is There Anybody Here?  Spiritual
 C25  It Came Upon The Midnight Clear  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC2213  It Couldn'T Be Done  Eleanor Daley
 HMC814  It Fell Upon A Summer Day  H. Walford Davies (Melody Is Childhood)
 HMC1235  It Is Good To Give Thanks  Allen Pote
 HMC743  It Is Good To Give Thanks  Alice Parker
 HMC392  It Is Well With My Soul  John Gardner
 HMC979  It Is Well With My Soul  Philip Bliss (1838--1876)
 HMC857  It'S Christmas  John Katt
 HMC1037  It'S Time  Carl Nygard
 HMC680  Jack Cum Amico Jill  Carl Zytowski
 HMC564  Jacob'S Ladder  Spiritual
 HMC665  Jacob'S Ladder  Traditional American
 HMC530  Jacob'S Ladder Carol  James Laster
 HMC322  J'Ay Fait Pour Vous Cent Mille Pas  Claudin De Sermisy (C. 1490-1562)
 HMB188  Jazz And Show Choir Handbook Ii  
 HMC1117  Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair  Stephen Foster
 HMC604  Jennie Jenkins  American Folk Song
 HMC595  Jerusalem, My Happy Home  Early American Folk Hymn
 HMC1102  Jes' Come From De Fountain  Spiritual
 HMC529  Jesu, Jesu  Ghana Golk Song/Melody
 HMC1950  Jesus Came To Earth  Lee Roesti
 HMC805  Jesus Christ Is Lord  Folk
 HMC1217  Jesus Christ Is Risen Today  Robert Williams (1781-1821)
 HMC839  Jesus Is The Light  Anna Laura Page
 HMC1094  Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice  Grimm'S Chorale Book, 1775
 HMC1403  Jesus My Lord, My God, My All  G. Clement Martin
 HMC843  Jesus Shall Reign  John Hatton D. 1793
 HMC1411  Jesus The Very Thought Of Thee  John Bacchus Dykes (1823-1876)
 HMC852  Jesus Will Save  Gregg Sewell
 HMC1270  Jesus, I Am Resting  James Mountain (1844-1933)
 CHC5004  Jesus, Jesus, How I Love Him!  William J. Kirkpatrick
 HMC1297  Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head  Appalachian Folk Song
 HMC1165  Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross  Ed Harris
 HMC1371  Jesus, Lover Of My Soul  Simeon B. Marsh
 HMC118  Jesus, My Lord  Eugene Butler
 HMC1666  Jesus, Refuge Of The Weary  Cyril Vincent Taylor
 HMC975  Jesus, The Very Thought Is Sweet  Kurt Kaiser
 C02  Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee  Kay Hawkes Goodyear
 HMC1896  Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee  Mark L. Williams
 HMC1715  Jesus, Thy Boundless Love  Alexander Kruchkov
 HMC451  Jingle-Bell Boogie  J. Piergont
 HMC2222  Jinny, Git Around  Folk Melody
 HMC497  Joggin' Joggin' Joggin'  Ruth Artman
 HPC7071  John Henry  American Folk Song
 HPC7071A  John Henry - Instr.  American Folk Song
 HMC1139  Join We All With One Accord  Moravian Hymn
 HMB193  Jonah  Samuel Felsted
 HMC1920  Jonah!  Steve Hopkins
 HPC7073  Joseph Dearest Joseph Mine  German, 15Th Century
 HMC1870  Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine  German Traditional Carol
 HPC7073A  Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine - Instrumentation  German, 15Th Century
 HMB194  Joseph Haydn And The Classical Choral Tradition  
 HMC1620  Joshua Fit De Baddle  Spiritual
 HB012  Joshua Fought The Battle...  Spiritual
 HMB123  Journeys - Pilgrims And...  
 HMB123R  Journeys: Pilgrims And Strangers - Instr.  Alice Parker
 HMC785  Joy To The World  Lowell Mason
 HMC698  Joyful Noise  Ruth Artman
 HMC698A  Joyful Noise - Instr.  Ruth Artman
 HMC671  Joyful, Joyful  Ludwig Van Beethoven
 HMC1030  Joys Seven  English Traditional Carol
 HMC748  Jubilant Praise  Mark Hayes
 HMC1203  Jubilate Deo  Mack Wilberg
 HMC164  Jubilate Deo  Laszlo Halmos
 HMC1757  Jubilate Deo  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC1203A  Jubilate Deo - Score And Parts  Mack Wilberg
 HMC1632  Jubilate Deo!  David Schwoebel
 HMC1219  Jubilee  John Horman
 HMC389  Just A Closer Walk With Thee  John Gardner
 HPC7099  Just A Closer Walk With Thee  Anonymous
 HMC389A  Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Instr.  
 HMC1531  Just Call My Name  Carl Nygard
 HMC1882  Keep My Commandments  Kenney Potter
 HMC577  Keep Your Lamps!  Spiritual
 HMC434  Keeping Christmas  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC2278  Keltic Song  Allan Rae
 HMC1256  Kerry Dance  Irish Carol
 HMC1933  King Of Glory, King Of Peace  Howard Helvey
 HMC976  King Of Glory, King Of Peace  Kurt Kaiser
 HMC606  Kitty Alone  American Folk Song
 HMC199  Kling Glockchen  German Traditional Carol
 HMC617  Kumbaya  Spiritual
 HMC943  Kumbaya  Spiritual
 HMB197  Kyrie  Nicola Porpora
 HMC2143  Kyrie  Mark Butler
 HMC2255  Kyrie  James E. Green And Anne-Marie Hildebrandt
 HMC597  Kyrie Eleison  Tomas Luis De Victoria (1549-1611)
 HMC509  La Passeggiata  Gioacchino Rossini
 HMC1383  La Valse De La Belle  Marvin Gaspard
 HMB214  Labyrinth Of Time  
 HMC1676  Laetatus Sum  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMC1676A  Laetatus Sum-Instr.  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMC1915  Lamentation  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMC1850  Lamento D'Arianna  Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
 HMC1316  Largo  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMB126  Laudamus  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1894  Laudamus Te  Ryan D. Neaveill
 HMC681  Laudamus Te  Natalie Sleeth
 HMB196  Laudate Coeli Dominum  Johann Adolf Hasse
 HMB196A  Laudate Coeli Dominum-Instr.  Johann Adolf Hasse
 HMC1201  Laudate Dominum  Eugene Butler
 HMC2212  Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes  Howard Helvey
 HMC1677  Laudate Pueri  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMC1836  Laudate Pueri  J. Michael Haydn (1737-1806)
 HMC1677A  Laudate Pueri-Instr.  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMC250  Le Chant Des Oyseaux: Reveillez Vous  Clement Janequin
 HMC425  Lebenslust  Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
 HMC2160  Lend Your Voice To The Song  Carl Nygard
 HMC1786  Lenten Contemplation  Jonathan Shippey
 HMC481  Lenten Song  David Peninger
 HMC835  Lenten Song  Mark Hayes
 HMC968  Let A Joyful Song Arise  Carl Nygard
 HMC1689  Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence  French Carol
 HMC1774  Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence  Donald Mccullough
 HMC1801  Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence  French Carol
 HMC1365  Let All The World  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC1812  Let All The World In Every Corner Sing  Erik Routley
 HMC1812A  Let All The World In Every Corner Sing--Inst. Parts  Erik Routley
 HMC1864  Let All You Do Be Done In Love  Sandra T Ford
 HMC1364  Let God Guide You  Donna Butler
 HMC214  Let My Baby Rest  David Mitchell
 HMC168  Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So!  Eugene Butler
 HMC828  Let The Trumpet Sound  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1691  Let The Whole Creation Cry  Donald Mccullough
 HMC1381  Let There Be Music  Carl Nygard
 HMC1155  Let There Be Music! Let There Be Love!  Joe Liles
 HMC897  Let Thy Steadfast Love  Emma Lou Diemer
 HMC1678  Let Us Be Righteous (Lasset Uns Rechtschaffen)  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC391  Let Us Break Bread Together  John Gardner
 HMC741  Let Us Break Bread Together  Afro-American Spiritual
 HMC833  Let Us Dance And Sing  Ruth Artman
 HMC2238  Let Us Fill The World With Singing  Mark Hayes
 HMC2238A  Let Us Fill The World With Singing - Instr.  Mark Hayes
 HMC648  Let Us Make A Joyful Noise  Paul Sjolund
 HMC915  Let Us Rejoice And Sing Praises  Mark Wilson
 HMB159  Let Us Sing  
 HMC409  Let'S Make Music  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC545  Let'S Touch The Sky  Louise Talma
 HMC545A  Let'S Touch The Sky - Instr.  Louise Talma
 HMC344  Lift Up Your Heads  Allen Pote
 HMC972  Lift Up Your Heads  Jane Marshall
 HMC1936  Lift Up Your Heads, O Mighty Gates  Truro, Melody From Psalmodia Evangelica, 1789
 HMC1936A  Lift Up Your Heads, O Mighty Gates - Instr.  Truro, Melody From Psalmodia Evangelica, 1789
 HMC1523A  Lift Up Your Hearts, Rejoicing - Instr.  Johannes Herbst (1735-1812)
 HMC2151  Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voices Now  Larry Shackley
 HMC981  Lift Us Up  Michael Cox
 HMC1523  Lift Your Hearts, Rejoicing (Freuet Euch Und Seyd Frohlich)  Johannes Herbst (1735-1812)
 HS287CD  Light Of The Spirit (Csacd902)  
 HMC1001  Light One Candle  Natalie Sleeth
 HPC7036  Light Up The Tree  Hank Beebe
 HS288CD  Lighten Our Darkness (Col131Cd)  
 HMC292  Like A Flowing River  Robert Powell
 HMC1120  Like A River Glorious  James Mountain (1844-1933)
 HMC977  Like A River Glorious  David Schwoebel
 HMC858  Like A Shepherd  Carl Nygard
 HMC1181  Listen To The Music  Edwin Robertson
 HMC406  Little Boy Blue  Edwin Penhorwood
 HMC126  Little By Little  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC163  Little Christmas Angel  Bill Bauer
 HMC734  Little Jesus Came To Town  Paul Sjolund
 HMC808  Little Wild Rose  Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
 HMC1732  Lo! He Comes With Clouds Descending  18Th Century English Melody
 HMC1732A  Lo! He Comes With Clouds Descending  18Th Century English Melody
 HMC1440  Lo, How A Rose E'Er Blooming  Michael Praetorius (1581-1621)
 HMC638  Lo, How A Rose E'Er Blooming  Michael Praetorius (1581-1621)
 HPC7006  Lo, I Am With You  Hank Beebe
 HMC2265  Loch Lomond  Scottish Folk
 HMC476  Lonesome Valley  Gilbert Martin
 HMC503  Look For The Joy  Mark Wilson
 HMC1308  Look To My Song  Carl Nygard
 HMC2219  Look To The Day  John Rutter
 HMC1854  Look To The Things That Are Above  Robert Powell
 HMC2082  Look To This Day  Michael Patterson
 HMC1164  Lord Jesus, You Bore Our Sorrows  Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
 HMC1040  Lord My Rock  Johann Gottfried Gebhard (1755-1794)
 HMC1040A  Lord My Rock - Instr.  Johann Gottfried Gebhard (1755-1794)
 HMC652  Lord Of Life  Jane Marshall
 HMC1081  Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing  David Schwoebel
 HMC307  Lord, Give Ear  Leonard Van Camp
 HMC1145  Lord, I Call To You  W. A. Mozart
 HMC1184  Lord, I Hold Most Dear  Johann Christian Geisler (1729-1815)
 HMC1565  Lord, Make Me An Instrument  Dale Grotenhuis
 HMC662  Lord, Make Me An Instrument  Ken Medema
 HMC456  Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me  Tender Thought
 HMC287  Lord, When The Sense Of Thy Sweet Grace  Kenneth Leighton
 HB004  Lord'S My Shepherd  'Crimond' By Jessie Seymour Irvine
 HMC2175  Los Pastores A Belen (Eager Shepherds On Their Way)  Spanish Carol
 HMC1187  Lost In Wonder  W. P. Rowlands
 HMC1533  Love Came Down At Christmas  David Schwoebel
 HMC404  Love Came Down At Christmas  Allen Pote
 HMC1533A  Love Came Down At Christmas-Instr.  David Schwoebel
 HMC1098  Love Comes From God  Allen Pote
 HMC2188  Love Divine  Carl Nygard
 HMC636  Love Divine  Michael Cox
 HMC1264  Love Divine, All Loves Excelling  Malcolm Archer
 HMC1799  Love Divine, All Loves Excelling  A.J. Pritchard
 HMC186  Love Is A Song  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC545C  Love Is More Thicker Than Forget  Louise Talma
 HPC7072  Love Somebody, Yes I Do  Folk Melody
 HMC366  Love Songs  Alice Parker
 HMC296  Love Songs Are More Beautiful  Jack Kunz
 HMC313  Love Songs Are More Beautiful  Jack Kunz
 HMC644  Love To The Lord  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1112  Love Unknown  Robert Chilcott
 HMC845  Love, As Christ Would Love  Bob Burroughs
 HMC1306  Love'S Blessing  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC1536  Lullaby (Wiegenlied)  Johannes Brahms (1833-1898)
 HMC1481  Lullaby Baby Emmanuel  Matthew Armstrong
 HMC158  Lullaby For Christmas  Steven Quesnel
 HMC921  Lullaby Love  Joseph Kral
 HMC2164  Lullay  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC709  Lute Book Lullaby  Steve Shepley
 HMB262  Lux Aeterna  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMB185  Madrigals And Part Songs From Gilbert And Sullivan  Arthur Seymour Sullivan (1842-1900)
 HMC2000  Magical Kingdom  John Rutter
 HMB189  Magnificat (1743)  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMB217  Magnificat In D (1763)  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMB217A  Magnificat In D-Instr.  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMC2154  Magnificat In G  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMO178  Magnify The Lord! Nine Practical Voluntaries  Mark L. Williams
 HMO133  Majestic Trumpet Wyton  
 HMC789  Make A Joyful Noise  Duane Blakley
 HMC836  Make A Joyful Noise  Anna Laura Page
 HMC2231  Mary Had A Baby  Spiritual
 HMC316  Mary Had A Baby  Spiritual
 HMC563  Mary On A Mountain  John Carter
 HMC1784  Mary'S Lament  J Bert Carlson
 HMC1823  Mary'S Lament  J Bert Carlson
 HMC2089  Mary'S Lullaby  Gale Price (Mr)
 HMC1454  Mary'S Song  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC193  Mass For The New Rite  Michael Mccabe
 HMB195A  Mass No. 1 -- Full Score  Gyorgy Orban
 HMB195  Mass No. 1 In C  Gyorgy Orban
 HMB198  Mass No. 2 In G  Gyorgy Orban
 HMB229  Mass No. 9  Gyorgy Orban
 HS278CD  Mass Of The Children - Cd(Colcd129)  
 HB003  Master Hath Come  Welsh Melody
 HMC1932  May The Mind Of Christ  A. Cyril Barham-Gould
 HMC1744  May The Mind Of Christ My Savior  Jim Taylor
 HMC1490  May The Road Rise To Meet You  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HMC1530  May You Be Led By The Highest Star  Carl Nygard & K.C. Blekicki
 HMC504  Meet And Right It Is To Sing  Alice Parker
 AP206  Mendelssohn There Shall A Star From Jacob Come Forth  Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
 HMC575  Merry Christmas  Theron Kirk
 HMC1029A  Merry Christmas Jazz - Instr.  Thomas Cunningham
 HMC309  Merry Christmas, Welcome Home  Jack Kunz
 HMB260  Messa A 3  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMC1480  Midnight Clear  Philip Kern
 HMC155  Miracle  Sue Ellen Page
 HMC210  Miracle  Sue Ellen Page
 HMB204  Missa Brevis  Allen Koepke
 HMC2166  Misty Morning  Carl Nygard
 HMC720  Misty Morning  Carl Nygard
 HMC760  Moonbeams  Joe Fitzmartin
 HMC1043  More Love To Thee  Wm. H. Doane, 1871
 HB001  Morning Has Broken  Gaelic Melody
 HMB139  Morning Has Broken  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1262  Most Glorious Lord Of Life  Malcolm Archer
 HMC2271  Most Glorious Lord Of Life  John Rutter
 HMB121  Mother Goose On The Loose  Edwin Penhorwood
 HS264CD  Music For The Papal Mass - Cd  
 HMB172  Music To Hear  George Shearing
 HMC1260  Music When Soft Voices Die  Sherri Porterfield
 HMC1985  Music, Joyful Music  Tom Shelton
 HMC1571  Musica  John Alexander
 HMC1196A  Musicological Journey Through The Twelve Days Of Xmas - Inst  
 HMC1644  Musings  Robert Page
 HMC718  My Boy Willie  English Folk Song
 HMC1337  My Faith Has Found A Resting Place  David Schwoebel
 HB006  My God I Love Thee  Kingsfold
 HMC1045  My Heart Leaps For Joy  Bradley Nelson
 HMC1045A  My Heart Leaps For Joy - Instr.  Bradley Nelson
 HMC2207  My Heart Remembers You  Tom Shelton
 HMC1238  My Heart Soars  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HS252CD  My Heart Soars - Cd  
 HMC2161  My Jesus, I Love Thee  Dan Kreider
 HMC935  My Jesus, I Love Thee  Adoniram Gordon
 HMC580  My Kind Of Christmas  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1848  My Little One  Valerie J Crescenz
 HB008  My Lord What A Morning  Spiritual
 HMC1032  My Lord, My Master  Eugene Butler
 HMC1570  My Lord, What A Morning  Spiritual
 HMC266  My Lord, What A Morning  Spiritual
 HMC1726  My Love Has Found Me  Carl Nygard
 HMC670  My Love'S In Germany  From The Oxford Scottish Songbook
 HMC722  My Own Song  Crystal Lapoint Kowalski
 HMC973  My Saviour Goes To His Suffering  Anonymous, Moravian Archives,Zeist(Holland)C.1780
 HMC973A  My Saviour Goes To His Suffering - Instrumentation  Anonymous, Moravian Archives,Zeist(Holland)C.1780
 HMC1089  My Shepherd  English Folk Tune
 HMC1424  My Shepherd Will Supply My Need  Southern Harmony, 1835
 HMC1675  My Shepherd Will Supply My Need  Southern Harmony, 1835
 HMC1424A  My Shepherd Will Supply My Need - Instr.  Southern Harmony, 1835
 HPC7011  My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord  Hank Beebe
 HMC771  My Soul, There Is A Country  Richard Shephard
 HMC1736  My Soul'S Been Anchored In The Lord  Spiritual
 HMC1475  My Thanks To You Forever (Ich Danke Dir Ewiglich)  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC1475A  My Thanks To You Forever (Ich Danke Dir Ewiglich) - Instr.  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC621  My True Love Has My Heart  Eugene Butler
 HMC1942  Name Of All Majesty  Larry Shackley
 HPC7033  Never Lose Your Tempo  Hank Beebe
 HMC716  Never Was A Child So Lovely  From A Kentucky Carol
 HMC176  New Born Christmas Time Child  Sue Ellen Page
 HMC320  New London Street Cries  Rob Newell
 HMC690  New Promise Of Love  Gilbert Martin
 HMC502  Night Songs  Tom Benjamin
 HMC502A  Night Songs - Instr.  Tom Benjamin
 HMC1068  Nightlights  Nancy Colbaugh
 HMC1696  No Hands But Yours  J. Jerome Williams
 HMC1849  No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus  Charles F. Weigle, 1932
 HMC708  No Two Alike  Knut Nystedt
 HMC1698  Nobody But You  George Gerswhin
 HMC1741  Nobody Knows The Trouble I'Ve Seen  Spiritual
 HB007  Nobody Knows The Trouble...  Spiritual
 HMC1161  Non Nobis Domine  William Byrd
 HMC1681  None Among Us Lives To Self (Unser Keiner Lebt Ihm Selber)  Johannes Herbst (1735-1812)
 HMC1681A  None Among Us Lives To Self (Unser Keiner...)-Instr.  Johannes Herbst (1735-1812)
 HMC1907  North Carolina Music Ed. 2002 Middle Sch. Sight Reading Mat.  Robert Dittman And Carol J. Krueger
 HMC1686  Not What My Hands Have Done  David Schwoebel
 HMC270  Notes From John  Eugene Butler
 HMC227  Notes From Paul  Eugene Butler
 HMC227A  Notes From Paul - Instr.  Eugene Butler
 HMC264  Notes From Peter  Eugene Butler
 HMC568  Now Glad Of Heart  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC2138  Now Is The Hour  Traditional Maori
 HMC524  Now Is The Month Of Maying  Thomas Morley
 HMC1525  Now Rests He And Is Comforted (Nun Ruht Erund Er Quicket Sic  Johann Ludwig Freydt(1748-1807)
 HMC1227  Now Thank We All Our God  Johann Crueger (1598-1662)
 HMC2155  Now Thank We All Our God  Donna Butler
 HMC1759  Now The Green Blade  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC581  Now The World Is Yours  Carl Nygard
 HMC853  Now To The King Eternal  Barry Braman
 HMC1522  Now Unto Him Who Can Preserve You (Dem Aber,Der Euch Kann...  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC664  Now, That Is Good  Nikolaus Zanguis (1617)
 HMC1111  Nunc Dimittis  Michael Shannon
 HMC445  O Be Joyful In The Lord  Lloyd Pfautsch
 HMC445A  O Be Joyful In The Lord - Instr.  Lloyd Pfautsch
 HMC1339  O Bless The Lord, My Soul  Jorges Bizet
 HMC1943  O Christ, The Great Foundation  Mark L. Williams
 HMC1321  O Come All Ye Faithful  John Francis Wade
 HMC1321A  O Come All Ye Faithful - Instr.  John Francis Wade
 HMC148  O Come, Little Children  J.A.P. Schultz
 C09  O Come, O Come, Emmanuel  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC1150  O Come, O Come, Emmanuel  David Schwoebel
 HMC1150A  O Come, O Come, Emmanuel  David Schwoebel
 HMC1974  O Crux  Mark Jennings
 HMC1340  O Danny Boy  Londonderry Air
 HMC533  O For A Thousand Tongues  Carl G. Glaser (1784-1829)
 HMC1504  O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing  Nicholas White
 HMC772A  O Give The Lord Thanks! - Instr. (Bells)  Bob Burroughs
 HMC1899  O Gloriosa  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC2245  O God Beyond All Praising  Gustav Theodore Holst (1874-1934)
 HMC1875  O God, Have Mercy  Lloyd Pfautsch
 HMC1419  O God, Our Help In Ages Past  William Croft (1678-1727)
 HMB140G  O God, Our Help In Ages Past - Instr.  William Croft (1678-1727)
 HMC1419A  O God, Our Help In Ages Past - Instr.  William Croft (1678-1727)
 HMC1797A  O God, Our Help In Ages Past-Instr.  William Croft (1678-1727)
 HMC1422  O Green And Glittering Christmas Tree  Scandinavian Carol
 HMC628  O Holy Jesu  Ruth Artman
 HMC2193  O Holy Jesus  Donald Mccullough
 HMC1672  O Holy Night  Adolphe Adam (1803-1856)
 HMC1209  O Jesus My Lord  Karl Kope
 HMC510  O Jesus, I Have Promised  John Carter
 HMC1914  O Lamb Of God Most Holy!  Nikolaus Decius (C.1541) & Johann Cruger (1648)
 C05  O Little Town Of Bethlehem  Lewis H. Redner (1868)
 HMC1438  O Little Town Of Bethlehem  Lewis H. Redner (1868)
 HMC599  O Little Town Of Bethlehem  John Gardner
 HMC1439  O Lord, Creator Good And Kind  Hal Hopson
 HMC269  O Lord, Support Us All The Day Long  John Mccreary
 HMC1670  O Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me  David Schwoebel
 HMC2149  O Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me Out  John Rutter
 HMC779  O Lord, You Know Me  Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
 HMC1491  O Lord, You Know My Heart  Sandra T Ford
 HMC1684  O Love That Will Not Let Me Go  David Schwoebel
 HMC1034  O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go  Albert L. Peace And Tom Fettke
 HMC1971  O Lux Beatissima  Howard Helvey
 HMC2192  O Lux Beatissima  Howard Helvey
 C27  O Magnify The Lord  Fred Swann
 HMC248  O Magnum Mysterium  Giovanni Gabrieli
 HMC960  O Magnum Mysterium  Tomas Luis De Victoria (1549-1611)
 HMC1031  O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee  "Maryton" By H.P. Smith (1874)
 HMC1451  O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee  Mark L. Williams
 HMC236  O Mistress Mine  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1524  O Most Gracious, Welcome Child (O Du Holder, Susser Knabe)  Karl Gottfried Lowe (1796-1869)
 HMC934  O Music, Thou Most Lovely Art  Johann Jeep (1562-1650)
 HMC1881  O My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose  Scottish Folk
 HMC1586  O Night Of Nights  O Waly Waly(Old English Tune)
 HMC1722  O Night Of Nights  English Folk Tune
 HMC1765  O Pan  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC1360  O Praise The Lord, O My Soul  Milburn Price
 HMC311  O Quam Gloriosum Est Regnum  Tomas Luis De Victoria (1549-1611)
 HMC936  O Shout With Joy!  Carl Nygard
 HMC498  O Sing A New Song  Michael Cox
 HMC1497  O Sing All Ye Redeemed From Adam'S Fall  Georg Gottfried Muller (1762-1821)
 HMC1737  O Sing To The Lord A New Song  William H Bates
 HMC890  O Sing Unto The Lord  Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
 HMC890A  O Sing Unto The Lord - Instrumentation  Richard Cox
 HMC1493  O Sing, My Soul, Rejoicing (Du, Meine Seele Singe)  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC553  O Sons And Daughters Of The King  Paul Sjolund
 HMC1207  O Vos Omnes (All Who Pass By)  John V. Mochnick
 HMC649  O Whistle And I'Ll Come To Ye  From The Oxford Scottish Songbook
 HMC1062  O Word Of God Incarnate  Munich-Neuvermehrtes Meiningisches Gesangbuch 1693
 C18  O Worship The King  J. Michael Haydn (1737-1806)
 HMC590  O Worship The Lord  Charles Wesley, Jr. (1757-1834)
 HPC7008  O, Come And Mourn  Loonis Mcglohon Ip Trust
 HMC926  O, Green And Shimmering Tree, Good Day!  C.E.F. Weyse (1774-1842)
 HMC1898  O, Mistress Mine!  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC385  O, No John  English Folk Song
 HMC1113  Oft In The Stilly Night  Donald Fraser
 HMC1717  Oh! Christmas Tree???  German, Traditional
 HMC1806  Oh! Christmas Tree???  Carl Nygard
 HPC7059  Oh! Susanna  Stephen Foster
 HMC105  Oh, Christmas Star  Theron Kirk
 HMC1141  Oh, My Lovin' Brother  Spiritual
 HMC1734  Oh, Wasn'T That A Wide River?  Spiritual
 HMC1093  Ol' Dan Tucker  Daniel Decatur Emmett (1815-1904) & Traditional
 HMC1770  Old Dan Tucker  American Folk Song
 HMC1986  Old Dan Tucker  American Folk Song
 HMC1770A  Old Dan Tucker-Instr.  American Folk Song
 HMC1166  Old Joe Clark  American Folk Song
 HMC1163  On A Calvary Tree  Carl Nygard
 HMC1404  On A Night In Bethlehem  Sandra T Ford
 HMC1346  On Christmas Day  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC702  On Christmas Day  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1753  On Goes The River  Nancy Gifford
 HMC750  On To Bethlehem  Robert Fouche
 HMC2114A  Once In Bethlehem - Instrumentaion  Donald Mccullough
 HMC1421  Once In Royal David'S City  Carl Nygard
 HMC856  One Bright Candle  Natalie Sleeth
 HMB141  One Does Not Spell Mozart With A T  
 HPC7047  One Flower  Mark Blankenship
 HMC317  One Star  Ed Harris
 HMC1122  One Thing I Ask The Lord  Public Domain: Biblical
 HMC1122A  One Thing I Ask The Lord - Instr.  
 HMC951  One-Eyed Jack  Nancy Telfer
 HMC1345  Only A Baby Came  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1980  Only A Baby Came  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC2176  Only A Baby Came  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC598  Only A Baby Came  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1980A  Only A Baby Came - Instrumentation  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1728  Only A Manger  Bradley Nelson
 HPC7041  Only In The Lord  Hank Beebe
 HMC1430  Only When I Reach  Carl Nygard & K.C. Blekicki
 HMC903  Open My Eyes  Clara H. Scott (1895)
 HMC1152  Open Thou Mine Eyes  Michael Cox
 HMC2248  Open Thou Mine Eyes  Eleanor Daley
 HPC7005  Open Up  Hank Beebe
 HMC731  Open Up This Day  Jack Kunz
 HMB223  Orban Mass No. 6  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC1506  Ore, Fermate Volo  William Hawley
 HMC2179  Oread Farewell  Dan Forrest
 HMO141  Organ Comp...20Th Century  
 HMO100  Organ Improvisations  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMO140C  Organ Technique A Historical Approach- Cassette  
 HMC1656  Orpheus With His Lute  Bruce Trinkley
 HMC1657  Orpheus With His Lute  Bruce Trinkley
 HMC507  Orpheus With His Lute  Ralph Vaughan Williams
 HMC1766  Orpheus With His Lute (Lanthur Ha Szol)  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC370  Osanna  John Knowles Paine
 HMC1662  Our Father  John Alexander
 HMC430  Our Father In Heaven  Duane Blakley
 HS195CD  Our Heart'S Joy - Cd  
 HMC1072  Our Presidents Speak  Eugene Butler
 HMC1834  Our Risen Lord  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HMC111  Out Of The Depths  Johann Walther'S ()
 HMC1826  Out Of The Depths  Robert Powell
 HS273CD  Out Of This World - Chanticleer - Cd  
 HMC2268  Over Havet  Dan Forrest
 HMC1488  Over My Head, I Hear Music (There Must Be A God Somewhere)  Spiritual
 HPC7078  Palms Today, Thorns Tomorrow  Hank Beebe
 HMC1378  Panis Angelicus  Cesar Franck
 HMC180  Paratum Cor Ejus  Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
 HMO181  Partita On Lobe Den Herren  From Erneurten Gesangbuch (1665)
 HMC678  Parvula Bo-Peep  Carl Zytowski
 HMC654  Parvus Jacobus Horner  Carl Zytowski
 HMC1468  Patches Of Verses  Anita Davis
 HMC1091  Pavonne  Andrea Klouse
 C31  Peace I Leave With You  Diane Bish
 HMC2251  Peace I Leave You  Allen Pote
 HMC1593  Peace Like A River  American Folk Song
 HMC1096  Perfect Love  Jane Marshall
 HMC1962  Perfect Love  Jane Marshall
 HMB228  Performing Monteverdi: A Conductor'S Guide  
 HMC952  Personent Hodie  Piae Cantiones(1582)
 HMC660  Peter Gray  Traditional American
 HMC829  Phillis Is My Only Joy  J.W. Hobbs
 HMC261  Phos Hilaron  Richard Proulx
 HMC1603  Pick A Bale O' Cotton  American Folk Song
 HMC1954  Pie Jesu  Tom Shelton
 HMC1046  Plaisir D'Amour (The Joy Of Love)  Jean Paul Egide-Martini (1741-1816)
 HMC1176  Pleading  Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
 HMC1769  Pleasure Enough  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC1922  Plenty Good Room  Spiritual
 HMC1600  Polish Carol (W'Zlobie Lezy)  Roger Ames
 HMC1595  Potter'S Song  Walter W. Schurr
 HS187CD  Poulenc Gloria - Cd (Cscd506)  Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)
 HMC1245  Praise Him  Michael Cox
 HMC1257  Praise Him  Michael Cox
 HMC867  Praise Him, Allelu  Carolee R Curtright
 HMC565  Praise Quodlibet  David Peninger
 HMC285  Praise Songs  John Carter
 HMC1296  Praise The Lord  David B. Fischer
 HMC207  Praise The Lord  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1502  Praise The Lord Who Reigns Above  Nancy Cobb Lippens
 HMB111  Praise The Lord With Psalms  Sue Ellen Page
 HMC1518  Praise To God  Dimitri Bortnianski (1751-1825)
 C26  Praise To Our Risen Lord  Fred Swann
 HMC861  Praise To The Living God  Allen Pote
 HMC861A  Praise To The Living God - Instrumentation  Allen Pote
 HMC1761  Praise To The Lord The Almighty  Stralsund Ernewerten Gesangbuch, 1665
 HMC1353  Praise With An Alleluia  Allen Pote
 HMC478  Praise Ye The Lord, The Almighty  Stralsund Ernewerten Gesangbuch, 1665
 HMC478A  Praise Ye The Lord, The Almighty - Instr.  Stralsund Ernewerten Gesangbuch, 1665
 HMC854  Praise!  Mary Kay Parrish
 HMC854A  Praise! - Instrumentation  Mary Kay Parrish
 HMC562  Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven  Claude Bass
 HPC7062  Prayer  Anthony Polistina
 HMC693  Prayer And Alleluia  Milburn Price
 HMC841  Prayer For Blessing  David Schwoebel
 HMC244  Prayer For Guidance  Allen Pote
 HMC1973  Prayer For Peace  Robert Kerr
 HMC1973A  Prayer For Peace-Instr.  Robert Kerr
 HMC1361  Prayer In The Celtic Tradition  Christopher Boodle
 HMC1132  Prayer Of Penitence  Kirby Shaw
 HMC888  Prayer Of St Francis  Allen Pote
 HMC1856  Prayer Of St Francis Of Assisi  Allen Koepke
 HMC1618  Prayer Of Teresa Of Avila  Kenneth Lowenberg
 HMC2079  Prayer Of The Children  Tom Shelton
 HMC203  Prayers From The Ark  Jane Marshall
 HMV113  Prayers From The Ark - Bass/Baritone  Theron Kirk
 HMV111  Prayers From The Ark - Soprano  Theron Kirk
 HMV112  Prayers From The Ark - Tenor  Theron Kirk
 HMC1060  Precious Name  Wm. H. Doane, 1871
 HMO187  Prelude And Fugue In F Minor, Opus 45  Rachel Laurin
 HMC914  Prepare The Royal Highway  Allen Pote
 HMC167  Prepare Thyself, Zion  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC431  Proclaim His Word  Duane Blakley
 HMC1343  Promised Land  Early American Folk Hymn
 HMC692  Proud Music Of The Storm  Eugene Butler
 HMC1895  Psallite, Sing To Christ The Lord  Michael Praetorius (1581-1621)
 HMC1170  Psalm 100  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HMC395  Psalm 100  Heinrich Schutz (1585-1672)
 HMC719  Psalm 100  Gilbert Martin
 HMC719A  Psalm 100 - Instr.  Gilbert Martin
 C23  Psalm 103  Diane Bish
 HMC600  Psalm 115  Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
 HMC1745  Psalm 116  Jim Taylor
 HMC995  Psalm 119  David Burroughs
 C16  Psalm 121  Diane Bish
 HMC1545  Psalm 150  Mark Hayes
 HMC491  Psalm 150  Cesar Franck
 HMC1545A  Psalm 150 - Instr.  Mark Hayes
 C28  Psalm 23  Diane Bish
 HMC1621  Psalm 23  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC1044  Psalm 33  David Schwoebel
 C21  Psalm 42  Diane Bish
 HMC1206  Psalm 51  Carl Nygard
 HMC651  Psalm 8  Gilbert Martin
 HMC755  Psalm 86  Carl Nygard
 HMC1926  Psalm 96 (A New-Made Song)  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC1964  Psalm Of Assurance  Blake Henson
 HMC710  Psalm Of Constancy  Nancy Cobb Lippens
 HMC1839  Psalm Of Life  Lloyd Larson
 HMB236  Puccini Te Deum A 3  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMC145  Purpose  Thomas Shaw
 HMC1558  Put Thy Trust In God  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMC216  Quaint And Insignificant  Dave Miller
 HMC246  Quam Pulcra Es  John Dunstable
 HPC7034  Quicken Us  Hank Beebe
 HMC1643  Quiet The Stable  Raymond Haan
 HMC1993  Quittez Pasteurs (Come Shepherds Come)  French Carol
 HMC1134  Rain  Jack Noble White
 HMC620  Rain Dance  Carl Nygard
 HMC697  Reach For The Sky  Carl Nygard
 HMC1900  Reason To Sing  Donna Butler
 HMC1512  Redeemed!  A.L. Butler
 HMC1648  Redeemer Of Israel  Freeman Lewis (1780-1859)
 HMC1648A  Redeemer Of Israel - Instr.  Freeman Lewis (1780-1859)
 HMC764  Rejoice And Sing Out His Praise  Mark Hayes
 HMC1350  Rejoice And Sing Out His Praises  Mark Hayes
 HMC1868  Rejoice In A Glorious Song  Carl Nygard
 HMC1254  Rejoice In The Lord  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC1693  Rejoice! A Celebration Of Christmas Carols  
 HMC796  Rejoice! God Is In Your Midst  Leland Sateren, Director
 HMC796A  Rejoice! God Is In Your Midst - Instrumentation  Leland Sateren, Director
 HMC1236  Rejoice, Our Savior Reigns  Ed Harris
 HMC1888  Rejoice, Rejoice Believers  Swedish Folk
 C14  Rejoice, The Lord Is King  Kay Hawkes Goodyear
 HMC1554  Remember This  Bob Burroughs
 HMB218  Requiem  David Huff
 HMB244B  Requiem - Full Orchestra Version  Keaton Lee Scott
 HS260CD  Requiem & Magnificat - Rutter - Cd (Cscd504)  
 HMB145  Requiem Brahms/Hoggard  Johannes Brahms (1833-1898)
 HMB147R  Requiem Faure - Recording  
 HMB218A  Requiem-Huff-Score And Parts--Rental  David Huff
 HMC1009  Rescue The Perishing  David Schwoebel
 HMC1735  Ride On, King Jesus  Spiritual
 HMC931  Ride The Chariot  Spiritual
 HMC656  Ridin' In A Buggy  Traditional American
 HMC234  Ring The Bells  Mark Wilson
 HMC619  Ring The Bells  Mark Wilson
 HMC932  Ring The Bells  Mark Wilson
 HMC2257  Rise Up, Shepherd, And Follow  Traditional
 HMC1542  Rock O' My Soul  Spiritual
 HMC1539  Rock Of Ages  Michael Cox
 HMC1842  Rock Of Ages  Michael Cox
 HMV114  Rock Of Ages-Vocal Solo Collection  Michael Cox
 HMC453  Rock That Cradle  Larry White
 HMC2165  Rocking  Czech Folk Hymn
 HB013  Roll Jordan Roll  Spiritual
 HMC866  Round The Glory Manger  Spiritual
 HMC1725  Run To The Manger  Robert Lau
 HMC1814  Salve Mater Misericordiae  Tim Sarsany
 HMC1498  Salve Regina  Gyorgy Orban
 HMB198B  Sanctus (From Mass #2) (Formerly Coll2291)  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC999  Sanctus No. Ii  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC999A  Sanctus No. Ii - Instrumentation  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC1154  Sanctus No. III  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC1154A  Sanctus No. III - Instr.  
 HMC929  Sanctus No. Iv  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC929A  Sanctus No. Iv - Instrumentation  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC735  Savior  William Batchelder Bradbury (1816-1868)
 HMC848  Savior, Again To Thy Dear Name  Public Domain
 HMC1193  Savior, Like A Shepherd  William Batchelder Bradbury (1816-1868)
 HMC1218  Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us  William Batchelder Bradbury (1816-1868)
 C13  Saviour, Like A Shepherd Lead Us  Kay Hawkes Goodyear
 HMC982  Saw Ye My Savior?  George Pullen Jackson
 HMC614  Sayings Of The Fathers  Samuel Adler
 HMC2234  Scarborough Fair  English Folk Song
 HMC355  Scatter The Joy  Ruth Artman
 HS289CD  Sea Change (Csacd901)  
 HMC200  Search Me And Know My Heart  James Fritschel
 HMC762  Seasons Of Time  Samuel Adler
 HMC739  See, On Mary'S Arm He'S Sleeping  Winnagene Hatch
 HMC589  Seek And You Will Find  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC337  Seek The Lord  Alec Wyton
 HMC775  Seek The Lord  Anna Laura Page
 HMC775A  Seek The Lord - Instr.  Anna Laura Page
 HMC1462  Send Forth Your Word, O God  Milburn Price
 HMC1462A  Send Forth Your Word, O God - Instr.  Milburn Price
 HMC733  Send Me, O Lord, Send Me  Pat Boozer
 HMC1069  Serenity  Bob B. Ashton
 HMC1824  Set Me As A Seal  Robert Powell
 HMC92XA  Set Of Four Wilberg Score/Parts - Instrumentation  Mack Wilberg
 HMC1885  Shades Of Green  James E. Green And Valerie Crescenz
 HMC1983  Shades Of Green  James E. Green And Valerie Crescenz
 HMC1159  Shall I Dream A Dream  Julie Knowles
 HMC1886  She Walks In Beauty  Tom Shelton
 HPC7070  Shearing Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind SATB  George Shearing
 HPC7076  Shearing Sigh No More, Ladies SATB  George Shearing
 HMB226  Shearing Songs And Sonnets SATB  George Shearing
 HPC7096  Shearing Who Is Silvia? SATB  George Shearing
 HMC1409  Shenandoah  American Folk Song
 HMC1441  Shenandoah  American Folk Song
 HMC1602  Shenandoah  American Folk Song
 HMC1742  Shenandoah  Folk
 HPC7057  Shepherds Carol  John Miller
 HMC938  Shepherd'S Christmas Canon  James Boeringer
 HMC916  Shepherds, Hurry!  Thomas Morley
 HMC362  Shine! Shine!  Theron Kirk
 HMC994  Shout For Joy!  Jim Taylor
 C08  Show Me Thy Way  Spiritual
 HMC1508  Siepe, Chegli Orti Vaghi  William Hawley
 HPC7026  Signs Of The Time  Hank Beebe
 C19  Silent Night, Holy Night  Franz Gruber
 HMC1683  Silent Night, Holy Night  Franz Gruber
 HMB173  Silently Now I Wait For Thee  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1455  Simeon'S Prayer  Paul Leddington Wright
 HPC7088  Simple Faith  Hank Beebe
 HMC1464  Simple Things  Jeanine Tesori
 HMO188  Sinfonietta  Ola Gjeilo
 HMC1008  Sing A Christmas Song  Rob Landes
 HMC696  Sing A Glad Song  Ronald Perrin
 HMC271  Sing A Joyful Song  John Shepherd
 HMC1289  Sing A New Noel (Noel Nouvelet)  French Carol
 HMC169  Sing A Song  Edwin Robertson
 HPC7043  Sing Alleluia  Hank Beebe
 HMC379  Sing And Dance Children Of God  Michael Bedford
 HMC639  Sing And Rejoice  Knut Nystedt
 HMC517  Sing For Joy  Allen Pote
 HMC405  Sing Forth The Honor Of His Name  Eugene Butler
 HMC1305  Sing Forth The Name  Donna Butler
 HMC1104  Sing Forth, O Earth, Your Music Sound  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMC989  Sing Halleluja, Praise The Lord  J. Bechler (Moravian Hymn-Tune)
 HMC868  Sing It All Together  Ed Harris
 HMC953  Sing Me A Song  Carl Nygard
 HMC909  Sing Me Home  Carl Nygard
 HMB162  Sing New Songs  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1344  Sing Noel  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC435  Sing Noel  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1977  Sing Noel!  Alfred Sturgis
 HMC2240  Sing Noel!  Alfred Sturgis
 HMC112  Sing Out For America  Mary E Caldwell
 HMC1406A  Sing Out My Soul-Instr.  Mark Hayes
 HMC1406  Sing Out, My Soul  Mark Hayes
 HMC618  Sing Praise  Samuel Adler
 HMC554  Sing Praise To God  Bohemian Brethren'S Kirchengesange, Berlin 1566
 HMC1810  Sing Praise To God Who Reigns Above  Robert Lau
 HMC840  Sing Praise To God, Gloria !  Eugene Butler
 HMC1619  Sing Praise To Him  Bohemian Brethren'S Kirchengesange, Berlin 1566
 HMC1619A  Sing Praise To Him - Instr.  Bohemian Brethren'S Kirchengesange, Berlin 1566
 HMC895  Sing Praises To The Lord  Emma Lou Diemer
 HMB161  Sing The Lord'S Song  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC625  Sing The Lord'S Song  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC849  Sing Them Over Again To Me  Philip Bliss (1838--1876)
 HMC1811  Sing To The Great Jehovah'S Praise  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC1721  Sing To The Lord  Kenney Potter
 HMC918  Sing To The Lord  Mark Hayes
 HMC859  Sing To The Lord A New Song  John Pickard
 HMC364  Sing To The Lord Of Harvest  David Peninger
 HMC567  Sing To The Sky  Carl Nygard
 HMC2103  Sing Unto God  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMC1483  Sing Unto The Lord A New Song  Carlyle Sharpe
 HMC831  Sing We Gloria  Guillermus Dufay (?1400-1474)
 HMC219  Sing We Noel  Pavel G. Chesnokov
 HMC1924  Sing, My Soul  Patrick Messick
 HMC2142  Sing, My Soul-Introits And Benedictions For The Church Choir  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1266  Sing, Sing The Blessed Morn  Malcolm Archer
 HMC629  Sing, Sweet Song  Based On Children'S Poem Circa 1800
 HS269CD  Sing, Ye Heavens - Cd (Col0126Cd)  
 HMB138  Singer'S Glen  Alice Parker
 HMC819  Singin' All Over  Rita Abrams
 HMC221  Singing Glory Hallelujah  Allen Pote
 HMC2056  Sinner, Please Don'T Let This Harvest Pass  Spiritual
 HMC1720  Sinnuh Man  Kenney Potter
 HMC1659  Sit Down Servant  Spiritual
 HMO183  Six Sketches On Children'S Hymns  Barrie Cabena
 HMC526  Sketches From A Soldier'S Knapsack  Traditional
 HMC2221  Skylark  Hoagy Carmichael
 HMC1019  Sleep Lovely Child  Johannes Herbst (1735-1812)
 HMC1019A  Sleep Lovely Child - Instrumentation  Johannes Herbst (1735-1812)
 HMC365  Sleep Now, King Jesus Child  David Peninger
 HMC1559  Sleep, Little Holy Child  Mark L. Williams
 HMC1820  Sleep, Little Holy Child  Mark L. Williams
 HMC822  Sleep, Little Sweet Jesus  Polish Lullaby Carol
 HMC1594  Sleep, Precious Child  Cindy Di Cosola
 HMC727  Slumber Still  Joseph Kral
 HMC633  Snowtime  Ed Harris
 HMC1496  So Come Then With Singing (Da Werdet Ihr Singen)  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC1496A  So Come Then With Singing-Instr.  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC1038  So I Will Sing  Carl Nygard
 HMC1107  Softly And Tenderly  Carl Nygard
 HMC688  Softly And Tenderly  Will Lamartine Thompson (1847-1909)
 HMC123  Softly Blew The East Wind  John Jacob Niles
 HMV102  Softly Blew The East Wind  John Jacob Niles
 HS291CD  Soli Deo Gloria!  David Schwoebel
 HMC2250  Somebody Oughta Be Praisin'  Ken Berg
 HMC2053  Somebody'S Running From God  Henry Hinnant
 HMC996  Something For Thee  Anna Williams
 HMC1668  Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child  Spiritual
 HMC1897  Sometimes My Mind Gets Weary  George Mabry
 HMC1065  Somewhere A Child  Gilbert Martin
 HMC215  Son Of Heaven  David Mitchell
 HMC1616  Song  John Gardner
 HMC1194  Song In The Night  Ruth Artman
 HMC1873  Song Of Dedication  Tom Shelton
 HMC1294  Song Of Gladness  Allan Robert Petker
 HMC233  Song Of Hope  John Ness Beck
 HMC233A  Song Of Hope - Instr.  John Ness Beck
 HMC1055  Song Of Liberty  Eugene Butler
 HMV116  Song Of Ruth And Naomi  David Arcus
 HMC850  Song Of The Open Road  Eugene Butler
 HMB226A  Songs And Sonnets - Double Bass Part  George Shearing
 HMC807  Songs Of A Young Man  Richard Nance
 HMC1927  Songs Of Celebration  Richard Nance
 HMC1326  Songs Of Parting (Three Thraditional German)  German Folk Songs
 HMC1437  Souls Of The Righteous  T. Tertius Noble (1867-1953)
 HMC1225  Speak Lord, In The Stillness  David Schwoebel
 HMC1917  Spells  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HMC1780  Spirit Divine, Attend Our Prayers  Robert Powell
 HMC268  Spirit Of God  John Carter
 HMC1828  Spirit Of God Descend Upon My Heart  Robert Lau
 HMB199  Spiritual Suite  Spiritual
 HMC1987  Spring Fever  David Lantz III
 HMC483  Spring Has Come  Carolyn Jennings
 HMC1220  Spring Song  Eugene Butler
 HMC1109  Springtide Is Come  Allan Robert Petker
 HMB257  St Leopold Mass  J. Michael Haydn (1737-1806)
 HMC2281  St Patrick'S Hymn  Dan Forrest
 HMC1588  St. Louis Blues  W.C. Handy
 HMB209  Stabat Mater (Pergolesi) Excerpts  G.B. Pergolesi (1710-1736)
 HMB261  Stabat Mater In B Minor  Gyorgy Orban
 HMB261A  Stabat Mater In B Minor - Instr.  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC1845  Stand Up And Bless The Lord  Mark L. Williams
 HMC1960  Stand Up And Bless The Lord  David Schwoebel
 HMC1013  Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus  G.J. Webb (1803-1887)
 HMC1013A  Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus - Brass  Gilbert Martin
 HMC2196  Stani Nine Gospodine  Bulgarian Christmas Song
 HMC1937  Star  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC360  Star In The East (From Southern Harmony, 1835)  From Southern Harmony 1835
 HMC1147  Star Of Bethlehem Chilcott SATB  Robert Chilcott
 HMC515  Star Of Light  Ruth Artman
 HB009  Steal Away  Spiritual
 HMC1189  Steal Away  Spiritual
 HMC1402  Still Was The Night  Nicholas White
 HMC780  Still, Still, Still  German Traditional Carol
 HS255CD  Stillness And Sweet Harmony - Cd (Cscd502)  
 HMC1750  Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening  Eugene Butler
 HMC844  Streets Of Laredo  Western Traditional
 HMB215  Studies In Penderecki, Vol. 1  
 HMB239  Studies In Penderiecki, Vol. 2  
 HMC2208  Summer Dreams  Jackson Hill
 HMC1489  Summer Is A-Coming In  Thirteenth Century
 HMC106  Sunday Rounds  Alice Parker
 HMB102  Sunday Songbook  Natalie Sleeth
 HMB177  Sunday Songbook Ii  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1585  Sunny Bank  Traditional Variant From Virginia
 HMC1939  Sunny Bank  Dr Mark Sirett
 HMC1585A  Sunny Bank-Instr.  Traditional Variant From Virginia
 HMC767  Supermarket Minuet  Bayne Dobbins
 HMC583  Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs  Carl Heinrich Graun (1704-1759)
 HMC583A  Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs - Instr.  Carl Heinrich Graun (1704-1759)
 HMC2261  Sussex Carol  Traditional
 HMC2261A  Sussex Carol - Instr.  Traditional
 HMC1412  S'Vivon  Traditional Chanukah Song
 HMC1789  Sweet Holy Child  Kenney Potter
 HMC2152  Sweet Holy Child  Kenney Potter
 HMC784  Sweet Hour Of Prayer  William Batchelder Bradbury (1816-1868)
 CV1  Sweet Singer  See Individual Collection Pieces
 CV1C  Sweet Singer (Hymns Of Charles Wesley) - Cassette  
 HMC1226  Sweet Was The Song  Thomas Cunningham
 HMC1461  Sweet Was The Song  Eleanor Daley
 HMC1712  Take Me, Lord  Ken Cooper
 HMC1673  Take My Life  Marie Rubis Bauer
 HMC1336  Take My Life And Let It Be Consecrated  Nicholas White
 HMC1904  Take Our Lives  Jonathan Shippey
 HMC1996  Take This Cup From Me  David Lantz III
 HMC558  Take Time To Be Holy  Gilbert Martin
 HMC546  Talismane Op 141, No. 4  Robert Schumann
 HPC7038  Talkin' With Your Hands  Hank Beebe
 HMC1413  Tarah! Taray  Christopher Boodle
 HMB211  Te Deum  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMB256  Te Deum  Eleanor Daley
 HMB236A  Te Deum A 3 - Instr  Giacomo Puccini, Sr. (1712-1781)
 HMB224  Te Deum In C  Johann Georg Albrechtsberger
 HMB216  Te Deum In D  Johann Georg Albrechtsberger
 HMB216A  Te Deum In D-Instr.  Johann Georg Albrechtsberger
 HMC1234  Teach Us How To Pray  Allen Pote
 HMO162  Ten Little Organ Improvisations On Moravian Hymn Tunes  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1495A  Tender Rest From Long Suffering - Instr.  Christian Ignatius Latrobe (1758-1836)
 HMC1495  Tender Rest From Long Suffering (Ruhe Sanft Nach Langen Leid  Christian Ignatius Latrobe (1758-1836)
 HMC1549  Tenk You For De Chrisamus  Jamaican Jonkunna Song
 HMC879  Terminology Etude  Bayne Dobbins
 HMC1680  Thanks And Worship, Praise And Glory  J. Bechler (Moravian Hymn-Tune)
 HMC1348  Thanks To Thee  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC1359  That Gentle Voice  David Catherwood
 HMC1269  That Holy Night So Long Ago  Robert Clatterbuck
 HMC646  The Apple Tree  Public Domain
 HMC905  The Arrow And The Song  Dede Duson
 HMC635  The Battle Of Jericho  Public Domain
 HMC1778  The Bee  Tom Shelton
 HMC1953  The Bird'S Song  Henry Hinnant
 HMC1584  The Blessings Of Mary  North Carolina Folk Song
 HMC1988  The Blue Tail Fly  Daniel Decatur Emmett (1815-1904) & Traditional
 HMC1443  The Blue-Tail Fly  Daniel Decatur Emmett (1815-1904) & Traditional
 HMC1862  The Bridegroom Comes  David Giardiniere
 HMC1329  The Call  Alexander Brent Smith
 HS281CD  The Cambridge Singers Christmas Album(Cscd512)  
 HMC1605  The Cherub'S Lullaby  Winnagene Hatch
 HMC1807  The Child Of Mary  Carl Nygard
 HMB263  The Choral Music Of Benjamin Britten:A Conductor'S Guide  
 HMO166  The Christmas Collection  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1056  The Christmas Cradle  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1039  The Christmas Nightingale  Geistliche Nachtigal,Vienna1649.Bs.Berceuse,Chopin
 HMC1049  The Christmas Nightingale  Based On Berceuse,Op 57Chopin&Geistliche Nachtigal
 HMC1564  The Church Shall Stand  Carl Nygard
 HMC1723  The Church'S One Foundation  Samuel Sebastian Wesley
 HMC525  The Church'S One Foundation  Samuel Sebastian Wesley
 HMC525A  The Church'S One Foundation - Instr.  Samuel Sebastian Wesley
 HMC1511  The Coventry Litany  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC1382  The Danish Star Carol  Traditional Danish
 HMC1085  The Day Of Resurrection  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1320  The Day Of Resurrection  Ellacombe
 HMC1320A  The Day Of Resurrection - Instr.  Ellacombe
 HMC540  The Day Of The Lord  Knut Nystedt
 HMC272  The Day Of The Lord Is At Hand  Irish Carol
 HMC1803  The Day Thou Gavest  C. C. Scholefield (1839-1904)
 HMC1615  The Donkey'S Gift  Robert H. Mciver
 HMC1785  The Eagle'S Care  'Crimond' By Jessie Seymour Irvine
 HMC1519  The Earth Is Full Of The Knowledge Of God (Der Land Is Voll)  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC794  The Earth Is The Lord'S  Carl Nygard
 HMC209  The Easter Vigil Of Mary Magdalene  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMC1838  The Everlasting God  James E. Green And Valerie Crescenz
 HMC1952  The First Noel  English Traditional Carol
 HMC1952A  The First Noel - Instr.  English Traditional Carol
 HMC682  The First Song Of Isaiah  Erik Routley
 HMC2195  The Friendly Beasts  English Carol
 HPC7031  The Fullness Of God  Hank Beebe
 HMC408  The Gift Of Love  Sue Ellen Page
 HMC2144  The Gift Of Music  John Rutter
 HMC2204  The Girl I Left Behind  Traditional Tune Of The British Isles
 HMC1092  The Good Shepherd  Anna Laura Page
 HMC1752  The Greatest Of These  Carl Nygard
 HMC1692  The Heart Hears Music  Philip Young
 HMC1146  The Heart Worships  Gustav Theodore Holst (1874-1934)
 HMC1250  The Heart'S Desire  David Schwoebel
 HMC1819  The Hills Of Arirang  Korean Folk Song
 HMC1380  The Holly And The Ivy  Traditional Carol
 HMC265  The Holy Eucharist Rite Two  Peter Hurford
 HMC334  The Holy Eucharist Rite Two  Arthur Wills
 HMC334A  The Holy Eucharist Rite Two - Congregation Part  Arthur Wills
 HMC1858  The Hope Of The Future (La Esperanza Del Futuro)  Tom Shelton
 HMC484  The Infant King  Based On Children'S Poem Circa 1800
 HMC235  The Jesus Gift  Gilbert Martin
 HMC479  The Jesus Gift  Gilbert Martin
 HMC482  The Jesus Gift  Gilbert Martin
 HS276CD  The John Rutter Christmas Album-Christus Natus Est(Cscd510)  
 HMC1099  The Journey  Ed Harris
 HMC446  The Journey Is Our Home  Allen Pote
 HMC531  The Joy Of Mary  Don Neuen
 HMC531B  The Joy Of Mary - Brass  Don Neuen
 HMC2227  The King Of Love  Traditional Irish
 HMC1794  The King Of Love My Shepherd Is  Irish Carol
 HMC1307  The Kingdom  Andre Thomas And Helena Barrington
 HMC1526  The Lamb  Carl Nygard
 HMC1114  The Lark And The Owl  Donald Fraser
 HMC1222  The Lark In The Clear Air  Irish Carol
 HMC1223  The Lark In The Clear Air  Irish Carol
 HMC593  The Lettuce Song  John Carter
 HMC584  The Lion And The Unicorn  Ed Harris
 HMB210  The Literature Of Chamber Music  
 HMC2122  The Lonesome Dove  Appalachian Folk Song
 HMC1208  The Lord Be With You  Natalie Sleeth
 HPC7023  The Lord Hath Done It  Hank Beebe
 HMC432  The Lord Is Like A Shepherd  Sue Ellen Page
 HMC346  The Lord Is Mindful  Emma Lou Diemer
 HPC7016  The Lord Is My Light  Hank Beebe
 HMC1492  The Lord Is My Portion (Der Herr Ist Mein Theil)  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC2150  The Lord Is My Shepherd  Robert Lau
 HMC1547  The Lord Is My Strength And My Song  David Schwoebel
 HMC361  The Lord Is Risen (The Christ Is Coming)  Ian Pitt-Watson And Geoffrey Atkinson
 HMC1388  The Lord Rejoices Over You  Nicholas White
 C29  The Lord Will Guide You Continually  Fred Swann
 HMC1746  The Lord'S My Shepherd  William Henry Havergal
 HMC1265  The Lord'S Prayer  Malcolm Archer
 HMC1555  The Lord'S Prayer  Charles J. Torian, Jr.
 HMC377  The Love Carol  Gilbert Martin
 CHC5012  The Love Of Christ, My Lord  Jim Ailor
 HMC208  The Love Of God Flows Deep And Strong  Sue Ellen Page
 HMC1474  The Love Of God Is Shed Abroad  Johann Fr. Peter (1746-1823)
 HMC1246  The Master'S Touch  Michael Cox
 HMC1538  The Master'S Touch  Michael Cox
 HMC1273  The Ministry Of Song  Donna Butler
 HMC1779  The Moon Was But A Chin Of Gold  Tom Shelton
 HMC1385  The Morning Star Doth Shine  T. Charles Lee
 HMC1385A  The Morning Star Doth Shine-Instr.  T. Charles Lee
 HMC327  The Mystery, The Miracle, The Moment  Gilbert Martin
 HMC913  The Never Ending Song Of Praise  Ed Harris
 HMC397  The Night Before Christmas  Traditional
 HMC1053  The Nightingale  Peter I. Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
 HMC1328  The Overture To The Marriage Of Figaro  W. A. Mozart
 HMC1384  The Paint Box  Kobi Oshrat
 HPC7093  The Path To The Stable  Hank Beebe
 HMC573  The Peace Of God  David Danner
 HMC754  The Power Of Christ  Eugene Butler
 HMC1743  The Promise Of God  Robert H. Mciver
 HMC1905  The Promise Of The Garden  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC1592  The Promised Land  American Folk Song
 HMC1487  The Rattlin' Bog  Irish Carol
 HMC1970  The River  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HMC1887  The Rocks Won'T Have To  Bebe Snyder
 HMC1608  The Rose Of Sharon  Matthew Armstrong
 HS294CD  The Sacred Flame - Colcd134  
 HMC1541  The Sheltering Rock  Michael Cox
 HMC1267  The Shepherd And The Angel  Malcolm Archer
 HMC787  The Shepherd Psalm  'Crimond' By Jessie Seymour Irvine
 HMC756  The Shepherdess  French Folk Tune
 HMC751  The Silver Swan  Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)
 HMC463  The Silver Trumpet  Nathan Corbitt
 HMC463A  The Silver Trumpet - Instr.  Nathan Corbitt
 HMC1177  The Snow  Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
 HMC376  The Song Of Simeon  Alice Parker
 HS236CD  The Song Of Songs (Palestrina) - Cd (Col0122Cd)  
 HPC7045  The Songs Of Christmas  Hank Beebe
 HMC1432  The Sow Took The Measles  Walter Ehret
 HMC263  The Splendor Falls  John Carter
 HS290CD  The Sprig Of Thyme (Cscd517)  
 HMC1318  The Star Spangled Banner  John Stafford Smith
 HMC125  The Steps To Wisdom  Samuel Adler
 HMC1322  The Strife Is O'Er  Melchior Vulpius
 HMC1322A  The Strife Is O'Er - Instr.  Melchior Vulpius
 HMC1710  The Sun Is On The Land And Sea  Christine Perkey
 HMC2235  The Telephone  Michael Larkin
 HMC237  The True Use Of Music  Alice Parker
 HMC288  The Turtle Dove  English Folk Song
 HMC466  The Tutor Tune  Traditional
 HPC7030  The Voice Of The Lord  Hank Beebe
 HMC1298  The Water Is Wide  Traditional American
 HMC1428  The Water Is Wide  Folk
 HMC642  The Water Is Wide  Early American Folk Hymn
 HMC1231  The Way To Start A Day  Carolee R Curtright
 HMC1054  The Whistling Shepherd  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1788  The Wilderness Will Rejoice  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC433  The Winter'S A Drag Rag  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC1303  The World Is New Today  Philip Lane & John Gilbert
 HMC1303A  The World Is New Today - Instr.  Philip Lane
 HMO190  Theme And Variations On "Le Ping"  Michael Bedford
 HMC279  There And Back Again  Alice Parker
 HMC1891  There Is A Balm In Gilead  Afro-American Spiritual
 HMC1624  There Is A Fountain  Cleansing Fountain, Early American
 HMC1827  There Is Music  James E. Green And Valerie Crescenz
 HMC1110  There Is Sweet Music  Michael Shannon
 HS182CD  There Is Sweet Music - Cd (Cscd505)  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HPC7095  There Will Be Rest  Frank Ticheli
 HMC863  There'Ll Be Joy!  Terry Kirkland
 HPC7069  There'S A Spirit Here  John Miller
 HMC459  There'S Nothing Like A Song  Natalie Sleeth
 HPC7018  They Shall Reap In Joy  Hank Beebe
 HMC1211  They Who Sow  J.H. Schein (1586-1630)
 HMC1323  Thine Be The Glory  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMC1323A  Thine Be The Glory - Instr.  George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
 HMC354  This Endris Night  Ian Copley
 HMC1130  This House And Home  Gilbert Martin
 HMC569  This Is My Fathers World  Franklin L. Sheppard 'Terra Patris'
 C12  This Is My Father'S World  Kay Hawkes Goodyear
 HMC1286  This Is My Father'S World  Mike Paslay
 HMC626  This Is My Father'S World  Hal Hopson
 HMC1563  This Is The Day  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC229  This Is The Day  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC774  This Is The Day  Eugene Butler
 HPC7001  This Is The Day  Hank Beebe
 HMC2275  This Is The House Of God  John Rutter
 HMC922  This Is The Time For Singing  Gordon Young
 HPC7003  This Is The Tune  Hank Beebe
 HMC855  This Little Gospel Light Of Mine  Traditional Gospe
 HMC1966  This Little Light Of Mine  Afro-American Spiritual
 HMC339  This Perfect Stranger  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1301  This Train Is Bound For Glory  Spiritual
 HMC1157  Those In Sorrow Sowing  Christian David Jaeschke (1755-1827)
 HMC1157A  Those In Sorrow Sowing - Instr.  
 HPC7092  Those Who Are Far Away  Hank Beebe
 HPC7067  Thou Shalt Love  Hank Beebe
 HMC506  Thou Wilt Keep Him  Samuel Sebastian Wesley
 HMC1543  Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect Peace  Charles Brown
 HMC2131  Though We Be But Children  Dr Mark Sirett
 HMC2194  Three Angels  Valerie J Crescenz
 HPC7042  Three Christmas Folk Carols  Christmas Folk Carol
 HMC1198  Three Christmas Miniatures  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1018  Three Christmas Songs  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1903  Three German Carols  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1703  Three Kings  Matthew Armstrong
 HS206CD  Three Musical Fables - Cd (Cscd513)  John Rutter
 HMC1243  Three New Hymns  Heinz Werner Zimmermann
 HMB258  Three Nocturnes  Dan Forrest
 HMB258A  Three Nocturnes-Instr.  Dan Forrest
 HMC1259  Three Philosophical Songs  Jean Coulthard
 HMC1259A  Three Philosophical Songs - Instr.  Jean Coulthard
 HMC225  Three Poems From The Chinese Flute  Samuel Adler
 HMO182  Three Preludes On English Hymn-Tunes  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1577  Three Scottish Highland Songs  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC1625  Three Scottish Love Songs  Scottish Melody
 HMC423  Three Short Anthems  Jean Langlais
 HMC401  Three Songs  Edvard Grieg
 HMB235  Threnody  Nancy Cobb Lippens
 HMC1697  Thunder  Ed Harris
 HMC1679  Thus Says The Lord (So Sprecht Der Herr)  Johann Christian Geisler (1729-1815)
 HMC1976  Thy Blood In Mercy Poured  Carl Nygard
 HMC980  Thy Word Is Like A Garden, Lord  Irish Carol
 HMC1144  Tidings Of Comfort  
 HMC213  Time Capsules  Don Mcafee
 HMC962  Time To Shine  Carl Nygard
 HMC2210  Timor Et Tremor  Gyorgy Orban
 HMC778  To Everything There Is A Season  Ed Harris
 HPC7046  To God Be The Glory  Wm. H. Doane, 1871
 HPC7046A  To God Be The Glory - Instrumentation  Wm. H. Doane, 1871
 HMC781  To God'S People: Grace And Peace  Michael Mccabe
 HMC1086  To Live Is Christ  John Hatton D. 1793
 HMC1576  To Love Our God  Mark Hayes
 HMC1893  To Love Our God  Mark Hayes
 HMC1576A  To Love Our God - Instr.  Mark Hayes
 HMC1859  To Music  Robert Lau
 HMC281  To The King Of Glory  Katherine K. Davis
 HMC1768  To Thee I Die  Keaton Lee Scott
 HMC1458  Today In Bethlehem Hear I  Michael Cox
 HMC834  Today Is The Day  Victoria Garrett
 HMC548  Today, Tomorrow, And Every Day  Paul Sjolund
 HMC945  Today, Tomorrow, And Every Day  Paul Sjolund
 HMC2135  Toki Gong Sambil Menari, Haleluya  Christian Izaak Tamaela
 HMC1059  Treasures In Heaven  Allen Pote
 HS247CD  Treasures Of English Church Music -Cd(Colcd302)  
 HMB178B  Tres Cantus Laudendi - Larger Instr.- Parts  Mack Wilberg
 HMB178A  Tres Cantus Laudendi - Score For Larger Instr.  Mack Wilberg
 HMB178C  Tres Cantus Laudendi - Small Instr.  Mack Wilberg
 HMB178  Tres Cantus Laudendi (Three Songs Of Praise)  Mack Wilberg
 HMC1484  True-Hearted, Whole-Hearted  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMO185  Trumpet Tune  Robert Lau
 HMC1304  Trust In The Lord  Donna Butler
 HMC1528  Trust In The Lord  David Schwoebel
 HMC1949  Trust In The Lord  Donna Butler
 HPC7027  Trusting In The Lord  Hank Beebe
 HMC537  Try Again  Natalie Sleeth
 HMC657  Tunesmith  Carl Nygard
 HMC2209  Turkey In The Straw  American Folk Song
 HMC608  Turkey In The Straw  American Folk Song
 HMC487  Two Benedictions  John Horman
 HMC492  Two English Anthems  Richard Farrant
 HMC267  Two For Pentecost  Erik Routley
 HMC1876  Two Hymns To The Spirit  Thomas William, 1789 & Frederick C. Atkinson
 HMC115  Two Madrigals  Emma Lou Diemer
 HMC1247  Two Mnemonic Pieces  Ed Harris
 HMC616  Two Nonsense Songs  Samuel Adler
 HMC1379  Two Old World Carols  Traditional Carol
 HMC1379A  Two Old World Carols - Instr.  Traditional Carol
 HMC1851  Two Shaker Hymns  Traditional Shaker
 HMC1754  Tyrley, Tyrlow  Dr Mark Sirett
 HMC2242  Una Forma Mas  Rene Banos
 HMC1546  Unending Love  Rowland Hugh Prichard (1811-1887)
 HMC1090  Unto Us A Boy Is Born!  Piae Cantiones(1582)
 HMC2262  Unto Us Is Born A Son  Piae Cantiones(1582)
 HMC2262A  Unto Us Is Born A Son - Instr.  Piae Cantiones(1582)
 HMC1138  Up On The Housetop  Traditional American
 HMC1642  Upon This Night  Daniel Killman
 HMC2202  Va Pensiero  Patrick Liebergen
 HMC1787  Velvet Shoes  Jan Sanborn
 HMC2243  Venite, Adoremus  Dan Forrest
 HMC924  Village Festival  Japanese Folk Song
 HMC1505  Vita De La Mia Vita  William Hawley
 HMB136  Voice Building For Choirs  
 HS286CD  Voices: Music Of Tarik O'Regan (Col130Cd)  
 HMC2215  Wade In The Water  Spiritual
 HMC223  Wake, Awake  John Horman
 HMC2241  Walk In My Shoes  Andre Thomas
 HMC1963  Walk In The Spirit  David Lantz III
 HMC783  Walk Softly  John Horman
 HPC7013  Walk, While You Have The Light  Hank Beebe
 HMC474  Walkin' Down That Glory Road  Mark Hayes
 HMC1633  Walking In The Light  Michael Cox
 HMC1036  Walking In The Spirit  Mark Hayes
 HMC2085  Wandering  Joseph Twist
 HMC1906  Wasn'T That A Mighty Day?  Spiritual And Larry Shackley
 HMC1751  Watchman, Awake  Carl Nygard
 HMC1805  Watchman, Awake!  Carl Nygard
 HMC1755  Watts' Cradle Song  Ruth Watson Henderson
 HMC1919  Wayfarin' Stranger  Spiritual
 HMC2272  Wayfarin' Stranger  American Folk Song
 HMC555  Wayfarin' Stranger  American Folk Song
 HMC1271  Wayfaring Stranger  Spiritual
 HMC571  We Absolutely Have To Have Music!  Jacqueline Mcnair
 HMC1709  We Are Children Of The King  Christine Perkey
 HMC1240  We Are God'S Delight  Mark Hayes
 HMC1097  We Are One  Allen Pote
 HMC1185  We Are The Music Makers  John Horman
 HMC1982  We Await The Love You Bring  Herb Frombach
 HMC1972  We Come To Thee  Valerie J Crescenz
 HMC1000  We Come Unto Our Savior God  Jane Marshall
 HMC2247  We Come, O Christ, To You  Larry Shackley
 HMC1287  We Gather Together  Kremser
 HMC1534  We Have Seen The Light  David Schwoebel
 HMC1777  We Lift Up Our Hearts And Voices  Marc Antoine Charpentier
 HMC428  We Love The Place  Bradley Nelson
 HMC2239  We May Never Pass This Way Again  Susan Naylor Callaway
 HMC1795  We Plough The Fields And Scatter  J.A.P. Schultz
 HMC2182  We Plow The Fields  Donald Mccullough
 HMC985  We Praise Thee, O God  Aaron Tomes
 HMC1733  We Remember Them  Donald Mccullough
 HMC572  We Sail The Ocean Blue  Gilbert And Sullivan
 HMC468  We Sing To Spring  Claude Debussy
 HMC2098A  Wedding Canticle - Instr.  John Rutter
 HMC2098  Wedding Canticle(Blessed Are All They That Fear The Lord)  John Rutter
 HMV110  Wedding Song  O Waly Waly(Old English Tune)
 HMB107  Weekday Songbook  Natalie Sleeth
 HPC7021  Weep Not For Him  Loonis Mcglohon Ip Trust
 HMC1124  Weep You No More, Sad Fountains  Donald Fraser
 HMC1883  Weep, Mary, Weep  David Lantz III
 HMB174  Welcome In The Stranger  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1190A  Wenn Des Kreutzes Bitterkeiten - Instr.  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HMC1190  Wenn Des Kreutzes Bitterkeiten (When The Cross'S Bitter)  Johann Sebastian Bach
 HB010  Were You There...  Spiritual
 HMC1137  Were You There?  Spiritual
 HMC1815  Were You There?  Afro-American Spiritual
 HMC770  Were You There?  Spiritual
 HMC687  Wesley And Divine Goodness  Public Domain
 HMC331  Western Songs  See Individual Collection Pieces
 HMC860  Westminster Carol  French Carol
 HMC1514  What A Friend We Have In Jesus  Charles C. Converse
 HMC612  What A Friend We Have In Jesus  Charles C. Converse
 HMC653  What A Friend We Have In Jesus  Beach Spring From The Sacred Harp, 1844
 HMC700  What A Friend We Have In Jesus  Based On Children'S Poem Circa 1800
 HMC1514A  What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Instr.  Charles C. Converse
 HMC955  What About Us?  Carl Nygard
 HMC1665  What Can I Give Him?  Paul Leddington Wright
 HMC1706  What Can We Bring?  Catalonian Carol
 HMC1775  What Child Is This?  16Th Century English
 HMC864  What Child Is This?  Greensleeves (Pd) English Before 1642
 HMC146  What Is A Heart  Dede Duson
 HMC797  What Is This Fragrance  French Carol
 HMC797A  What Is This Fragrance - Instrumentation  French Carol
 HMC2183  What Is This Light  Larry Shackley
 HMC1940  What Is This Light?  Larry Shackley
 HMC2172  What Makes The World Go Round  Andre Thomas
 HPC7060  What Shall We Give?  Spanish Carol
 HPC7060A  What Shall We Give? - Instrumentation  Spanish Carol
 HMC1026  What Sorrow Is This?  Carl Nygard
 HMC1309  What Star Is This  Mark Hayes
 HS274CD  What Sweeter Music - Cd  
 HS297CD  What Sweeter Music-Christmas Choral Music Of Eleanor Daley  Eleanor Daley
 HDVD101  What They See Is What You Get - Dvd  
 VH101A  What They See Is What You Get -- Pal Format  
 HMC758  What Would You Do If You Married A Soldier?  Irish Carol
 HMC1978  When Christ Was Born Of Mary Free  Dr Mark Sirett
 HMC289  When Christ Was Born Of Mary Free  Gilbert Martin
 HMC1782  When I Get To Heaven  Kenney Potter
 HMC1202  When I Survey The Wondrous Cross  Ed Harris
 HMC1695  When I Survey The Wondrous Cross  Edward Miller And Lowell Mason
 HMC1802  When I Survey The Wondrous Cross  Edward Miller
 HMC521A  When I Think Of You - Instr.  Ruth Artman
 HMC521  When I Think Of You (Can It Be?)  Ruth Artman
 HMC983  When In Our Music God Is Glorified  David Ashley White
 HMC983A  When In Our Music God Is Glorified - Instrumentation  David Ashley White
 HMC2077  When Jesus Was Born  Steve Hopkins
 HMC1860  When Mary Through The Garden Went  Nancy Gifford
 HMC1690  When Morning Gilds The Skies  Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
 HMC1690A  When Morning Gilds The Skies-Instr.  Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
 HMC898  When My Lord Rose  Carl Nygard
 HMC1299  When Our Voices Blend In Song  Carl Nygard
 HMC1281  When Quiet Peace Is Shattered  John Horman
 HMC723  When The Mists Have Rolled Away  Crystal Lapoint Kowalski
 C32  When The Saints Go Marching In  Spiritual
 HMC1143A  When The Saints Go Marching In - Instr.  
 HMC460  When There Is Love  Carol Murray
 HMC820  When We Sing Of Beauty  Carl Nygard
 HMC2190  When, His Salvation Bringing  Howard Helvey
 HMC1186  Where Are You Off To , My Dear Husband?  Cajun Folk Song
 HMC2177  Where Can I Turn For Peace  Joleen Meredith
 HMC1174  Where Corals Lie  Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
 HMC809  Where Cross The Crowded Roads Of Life  Based On "Germany" And "Creation"
 HMC809A  Where Cross The Crowded Roads Of Life - Instrumentation  
 HMC1456  Where Do Christmas Songs Begin