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    Good basic choir folder, I've bought hundreds in the past. Very little to compare at the price. Chamberlain's service couldn't be faulted with delivery within 5 days.
    David Clements, Kidderminster, UK on 26/10/2016
  • Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5
    Fantastic service, thanks Amy and Chamberlain. Oliver
    Oliver, Liverpool on 25/10/2016
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    PBuzzes are great music-toys. These are a sort of tunable vuvuzela: easy to play, tough and good fun. We have a trio playing PBuzzes now, they're perfect for outdoor (in the rain) gigs and it's very...
    Sharon, Saltash, UK on 25/10/2016
Yamaha YAS62 professional Eb alto saxophone outfit
  • Design classic in professional level saxophones
  • Annealed brass body with gold lacquer for bigger, richer sound
  • Extremely responsive with accurate intonation- a joy to play
  • Beautiful hand-engraved bell
  • Outfit supplied with newly-designed, lightweight carry case, mouthpiece and accessories
  • Available to finance on the Take it away finance scheme
Product code: YAS62
Barcode: 4957812531641
Category: Alto saxophones
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The Yamaha YAS62 is something of a design classic! It has been and is currently one of the most widely used professional models in the world and it is easy to see why.
It was originally conceived as a model to compete and better the older, more established pro level manufacturers and the original design was something of an innovation. It was immediately able to produce a big, yet subtle and malleable tone quality which proved a hit with advanced students and professional players. Another big plus was the price - it was cheaper, better engineered and able to compete with considerably more expensive instruments.

All of this took place 20 or so years ago, but the sax continues to do extremely well. As is well known, Yamaha is a very forward thinking company and are continually developing their instruments. The YAS62 is no exception. Recent design changes include a change in the crook design - now called the G1 crook - which allows a better response and far more playing flexibility. Yamaha have also annealed the entire body for a richer sound.

A more detailed specification is as follows:
Front F mechanism
High F# key
Gold lacquer finish
Supplied with the new G1 crook which has a much wider taper for a freer blow
New stopper under the octave key stops it from hitting the crook
More angled low Bb key for a more comfortable hold
Hard steel needle springs for longevity
Alternate Bb key now has a convex pearl and has been moved nearer the B key for added comfort
Smaller keyguard (in 2 pieces) to reduce weight
Improved pearls on the keys for a more comfortable hold
Newly designed neck receiver
Silicon coated waterproof pads for longevity
Adjustable thumbrest
New stylish ultra-lightweight case with side handle and shoulder strap

Yamaha says...
Already a legend, the “62” attained the love and respect of a wide range of players for its highly reliable performance and outstanding quality. It owes its success to a group of dedicated designers with great vision, and highly skilled craftsmen performing their work with an extraordinary level of devotion, perfection, and passion.
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