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Second hand Yamaha PSR-S950 arranger workstation keyboard - SOLD Second hand Yamaha PSR-S950 arranger workstation keyboard - SOLD Second hand Yamaha PSR-S950 arranger workstation keyboard - SOLD
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Second hand Yamaha PSR-S950 arranger workstation keyboard - SOLD
  • Only 3 years old and in excellent condition
  • Yamaha's famed Super Articulation (SA) voices and Mega Voice style technology provide an ultra realistic tonal quality
  • 61 note, touch sensitive keyboard
  • Connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod to the instrument to take advantage of Yamaha's useful new applications
  • Save your performances as audio files with the USB audio recorder
Product code: PSRS950-SH
Barcode: 4957812514866
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What we think of the Yamaha PSR-S950 arranger keyboard:

Yamaha's top of the range PSR series keyboard, the PSR-S950 delivers a superb sound quality at a great price. Thanks to SuperArticulation technology and a lot of sounds derived from the flagship Tyros 4 keyboard, the sound quality is remarkably realistic with a lot of sounds virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Real Drums are a new development for this keyboard, Yamaha have sampled live drummers playing which makes for a much more more acoustic and natural sound. Rhythm accompaniments from a wide variety of different styles allow you to play music from any genre and your performances can be recorded as audio files direct to USB flash memory. This is a popular choice for pro and enthusiastic amateur keyboard players and it is easy to see why.


61 organ style keys with touch sensitivity
5 types of touch response plus off
Pitch bend and modulation wheels
4 multipad controllers with 126 banks of sounds to select from
5.7 inch colour LCD display, 320 x 240 dots with contrast adjustment
AWM stereo sampling sound engine
128 note polyphony
786 high quality instrument voices plus 33 drum/SFX kits and 480 XG sounds for recording
Featured voices including 62 Super Articulation Voices, 23 Mega Voices, 27 Sweet! Voices, 64 Cool! Voices, 39 Live! Voices, 20 Organ Flutes!
Voice editor function
64MB memory for additional/custom instrument voices
3 parts, Right 1, Right 2, Left
XG, XF, GS, GM and GM2 compatible
44 reverb presets plus 3 user settings
106 chorus presets plus 3 user settings
295 DSP1 presets plus 3 user settings
295 DSP 2-4 presets plus 10 user settings
5 master EQ presets plus 2 user settings
Mic effects including noise gate, compressor and 3-band EQ
Vocal harmony feature with 44 preset harmonies, 10 user settings and 23 vocal effects
408 preset rhythm accompaniment styles
Featured styles including 25 +Audio styles, 1 FreePlay, 350 Pro, 32 Session styles
Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard chord fingering modes
Music finder with 2,500 records to set up the keyboard with the correct style and sounds
4 one touch settings for each style
Memory for additional rhythm styles (not audio styles)
5 preset songs
16 track sequencer with 300KB capacity
Quick Recording, Multi Recording and Step Recording modes
8 registration memory bank presets with unlimited number of banks, depending on USB flash memory capacity
Lesson / guide mode with Follow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key, Your Tempo playalong settings
USB audio recorder, records and plays back as .wav files
Time stretch, pitch shift and vocal cancel on audio files
Metronome with 5 – 500bpm adjustment
Transpose -12 – 0 – +12
Master tuning adjsutment 414.8 – 440 – 466.8 Hz
9 preset scale types
Lyric and score display on the screen
6.25mm stereo headphone jack
Switch or volume x 2 pedal jacks
AUX in jack
R, L/L+R output jacks
USB to device
USB to host
2 x 15 watt amplifiers
2 x 13cm speakers plus 2 x 2.5cm dome tweeters
Auto power off
Get real with PSR-S950

The PSR-S950 workstation keyboard effectively blurs the line between digital and acoustic sound and the result will change your musical perceptions forever. We've recorded professional musicians to achieve authentic renditions of their instruments and playing nuances and now you can play alongside them. The PSR-S950's other incredible features—including Vocal Harmony 2 and Super Articulation for thrilling instrumental and vocal support—will add a whole new perspective to your creativity.

The Yamaha PSR-S950 is packed with amazing voices, styles and comprehensive features to help you create, arrange, perform and record your music in any genre. Yamaha's cutting edge sound innovation takes a step further with "Audio Styles." Audio Styles give your performance greater expressive potential by adding real audio drum and percussion parts to Yamaha’s Guitar Enhanced Style engine. Additionally, the built-in FlashROM lets you load new Voices and Style Expansions (VSE) from around the world.

Just play to experience incredibly realistic and expressive sound

Acoustic instrument articulations, nuances and dynamics are challenging to reproduce. As the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer, Yamaha has perfected both the science and art of this process to bring you the most sophisticated, musical-sounding and easy-to-play instrument Voices.

Super Articulation (SA) voices

Super Articulation voices reproduce the performance characteristics of acoustic instruments so authentically, you'll feel as if you're playing the real thing. Best of all, SA voices intelligently add the right expressive nuances to your performance without having to learn complicated control techniques - just play!

Mega Voice style technology

Mega Voices feature various playing techniques and performance sounds like guitar and bass finger slides, brass falls, vocal effects, etc. When used in Styles, Mega Voices provide some of the most realistic sounding and dynamic accompaniments.

Powerful, pro-quality accompaniment available at the touch of a button

Playing a style is like being the conductor of a band that always plays the chords and arrangements you tell them to play. The PSR-S950 has a huge collection of 408 built-in dynamic styles. Yamaha styles are created by the world's best programmers and mixed by professional studio engineers to ensure unparalleled quality.

Audio Styles

Audio Styles take one step further by adding an audio recording of studio drummers, percussionists and percussion ensembles playing in various studios around the world. This adds the natural feel, ambience and warmth to the drum and percussion parts of the style, giving your performance greater expressive potential. Yamaha Time Stretch Technology allows the audio to follow your tempo changes without changing pitch, so everything stays in perfect sync.

Guitar-Enhanced Styles with Mega Voices

Guitar-Enhanced Styles not only reproduce the sound of guitar playing, they reproduce the actual chord voicings used by guitar players. This adds to the overall realism of the style.

Vocal features create new levels of entertainment and productivity

Whether you sing for fun, enjoy karaoke or are a singer/songwriter, the PSR-S950 provides everything you need to perform or write. Just plug in your mic and sing! A powerful Vocal Cancel function effectively cancels or suppresses signals like vocals and solos that exist in the centre mix of an audio file, allowing you to make your own “minus one” track and sing “karaoke” style with just instrumental backing. The PSR-S950’s microphone input lets you connect a microphone and sing along with your keyboard performance, song or audio file playback. With Vocal Harmony, you can sing along with three of your own virtual background vocalists. Vocal Harmony2 takes that a step further with new pitch recognition and stability controls. A convenient real-time Mic Level indicator is included in the main display, and a new intuitive graphic user interface makes it easy to experiment with your own mic settings, effects and harmony types. To get you started, PSR-S950 includes 44 exciting Vocal Harmony presets, including male, voices, female voices and sound effect settings.

Score, Lyrics and Text display

The large LCD display can show lyrics, music notation or text. You can even display this information on an external monitor.

Yamaha’s renowned audio and DSP technology provides great live and recorded sound

In music production, the key to creating great sound is in the way the song is mixed. The mixing console lets you mix your music like a studio engineer, including balance, panning and professional studio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) borrowed from Yamaha’s renowned professional recording and live sound products.

Real Distortion

Real Distortion effects are based on digital models of classic guitar amplifiers from the 1960's and 1970's. There are also digital models of legendary analog guitar effect pedals. The result meticulously reproduces the frequencies and dynamics of real distortion guitar sounds.

New speakers and speaker enclosures

A larger speaker enclosure gives the PSR-S950 a full, powerful sound with deep lows and clear highs. The PSR-S950 features a Yamaha manufactured digital amplifier with a superb signal to noise ratio. Because of its fully digital, highly efficient design, the amp delivers high performance while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Experience the new, versatile high performance audio engine

The PSR-S950 is capable of playing back and recording audio files. It also has a number of audio manipulation features you can use to create “karaoke” style “minus one” tracks in the key and tempo of your choice. It can also play back audio files from its Multi Pads, great for triggering loops, vocal phrases and sound effects. The PSR-S950 conveniently supports MP3 and WAV audio file playback. Record your songs and performances as high-quality, uncompressed WAV files to share online or burn to a CD. Connect a microphone or guitar to the instrument and enjoy recording a guitar and keyboard performance together, or record your singing along with song playback.

Time Stretch and Pitch shift

Not all singing voices have the same range. The PSR-S950 can put your favourite song in the key of your choice with a powerful pitch shift feature that lets you change the key without changing the tempo. If you do want to change the tempo, you can use the time stretch feature to slow down or speed up the tempo without changing the pitch.

Audio Link Multi Pad

Audio Link Multi Pad function lets you link your own audio files (sound effects, vocal phrases, and so on), and trigger them from the Pads as you perform.

Voice and Style Expandability keeps your instrument up-to-date

Voice and Style Expansion ensures your instrument can always be updated with new high-quality voices and styles from around the world. Best of all, you can sample many of these expansions for free at:

A Portable keyboard that’s mobile device friendly

The PSR-S950 connects and interacts with your mobile devices and tablets. Plus, Yamaha’s growing number apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad bring new ways to interact with your keyboard. Use the auxiliary line in jacks to play along with apps like Yamaha’s “NoteStar” digital sheet music with real audio backing tracks. Or, just play along with your favorite tunes from your music library. With Yamaha’s i-MX1 MIDI interface for iPhone, iPod and iPad, you can experience a new dimension of MIDI control with apps like Yamaha’s Scale Tuner, Piano Diary or Faders & XY Pad.

Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years
W: 1,002 mm
H: 148 mm
D: 437 mm
Weight: 11.5 kg
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