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Ocarina Workshop 4 hole Ocarina in Orange
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  • Great for younger children before they can reach the holes on recorder
  • 1 octave range- fully chromatic
  • Full octave range - D to D
  • Available in red, green, blue, orange, purple and yellow
  • A fun introduction into music
Product code: OC-OR
ManufacturerOcarina Workshop
Barcode: 5055964102777
Category: Ocarinas
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Absolutely ideal for a first time musician. The finger holes are close together so you do not have to stretch to cleanly play each note, making it a superb instrument for tiny tots (4 years) right up to adults.

This 4 hole ocarina is tuned in a full chromatic octave (D to D) and produces a wonderful crisp and clear sound without any unwanted squeaks.

Made in the UK from impact resistant plastic, this ocarina is strong, making it ideal for classrooms.
Jon, primary education specialist, reviewed the OC-OR ocarina on 25th January 2016:
The ocarina is an extraordinarily little instrument really. It is thought that the origins date back 12000 years or so, and whilst traditional versions tend to be made from clay, today, for consistency and strength, plastic is the most common material. The Ocarina Workshop model that we have hear is made from a single piece of molded plastic and the orange of this particular version is clear and striking. Although the ocarina is often dismissed as a toy, you can in fact play an entire chromatic scale which means that huge number of melodies can be played with ease. As it only has 4 holes, it is easy to learn and using simplified directions which show which holes to close, it is easy to play from music. There are plenty of music books out there too so no excuse to not get the best from it.
A marvelous little instrument, cheap, certainly cheerful and surprisingly musical too!
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