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Numark M4 3 channel scratch mixer Numark M4 3 channel scratch mixer Numark M4 3 channel scratch mixer
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Numark M4 3 channel scratch mixer
  • Steep three-band EQ/rotary kills on each channel
  • Microphone input with EQ
  • Six-segment LED display for monitoring signal strength
  • Toggle for master and PFL metering
  • Replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope control
Product code: M4
ManufacturerNumark Alesis Europe
Barcode: 0676762161312
Category: DJ mixers
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The Numark M4 3 Channel DJ Mixer is a three channel stereo mixer for beginners and professionals alike. Built into each channel are three equalisers for you to perfect the sound you want to achieve. Phono (RCA) and line-in input sockets on each channel give you more than enough places to plug your computer, MP3 player or even a smart device into, and Phono (RCA) output sockets allow for easy connection to an amplifier or powered speakers.
In addition to this, 6.35mm sockets on the front and back are available for your headphones and microphone to plug into.

In comparison to other products from Numark’s range, the M4 comes with an extra channel, allowing you to have one song playing, one lined up to play and an extra track waiting in the wings. This also allows you to plug in three separate sound sources, giving you more options of where to play music from. It also comes with a cue control, allowing you to listen to a separate channel through your headphones which in turn allows you to decide where you want to start your next song, giving you the opportunity to transition into it perfectly.

This mixer’s uncomplicated three-channel design is perfect for beginners getting to grips with crossfading between tracks, and is light enough to put in a bag for the aspiring performing DJ to transport to their next gig. So if you’re a bedroom DJ or a headline act, you can be assured that the Numark M4 is the straightforward way to lay out your greatest mix.

The built-in equalisers are used for perfecting the sound you are trying to achieve. The gain is used for normalising audio signals so you can get the best quality from your music. The bass and the treble controls are used for increasing or decreasing the lower and higher frequencies so you can improve that sound response even further. These features give you full control over your music, making it sound as good as possible.

This all-purpose mixer is simple and easy to set up. Once you have put the mixer where you will be using it, you will need to connect the devices you will be using. This could be an MP3 player, a CD player or a computer. Once you have connected these to the phono or line-in sockets on the back, plug your amplifier or powered speakers into the master out sockets on the back and you’re ready to go.
Line: 10K ohm input impedance; 80mV RMS sensitivity for 0dB output
Mic: 600 ohm input impedance unbalanced; 1.5mV RMS sensitivity for 0dB output; 400mV RMS max input
Phono: 47k ohm input impedance; 1.3mV RMS sensitivity @ 1kHz for 0dB output

Line: 7V RMS max
Headphone: 0.5W into 47ohm

Signal to Noise Ratio:
(maximum output JIS-A weighted)
Line: Better than 100dB
Mic: Better than 95dB
Phono: Better than 85dB

Frequency response:
Line: 20 – 20,000 Hz ±0.5dB
Mic: 20 – 15,000 Hz ±0.5dB
Phono: ±1dB; -3dB attenuation at 20 Hz to reduce rumble and feedback

Channel Equalizer:
Bass: +12 / -35dB at 20 Hz
Mid: +12 / -25dB at 1.3 kHz
Treble: +12 / -20dB at 15 kHz

Channel fader kill: Better than 90dB at 1 kHz
Crossfader kill: Better than 75dB
Crosstalk: Better than 80dB at 1 kHz
Distortion: Less than 0.05%

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