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Korg GA-1 LCD guitar and bass guitar tuner
  • Korg compact guitar tuner
  • Precision LCD screen
  • Specifically designed to register the lower tunings of bass guitars
  • Small enough to fit into most instrument cases
Product code: GA-1
Barcode: 4959112069329
Category: Tuners
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For nearly a decade, the Korg GA-30 Guitar and Bass Tuner has stood among the top-selling tuners on the planet. Now meet the GA-1, offering the same excellent features with a new, enhanced design – all at the same great price!

Ultra-compact LCD Needle-Style Dedicated Guitar and Bass Tuner
High accuracy and superb functionality have made Korg tuners the worldwide favorite. And now, the new GA-1 joins the best-selling GA series of tuners. With even more features, like a pitch reference tone and quinta-flat tuning, the GA-1 tuner packs basic functionality and convenient tuning functions into ultra-compact bodies.

An Easy-to-Use Dedicated Guitar and Bass Tuner
This dedicated guitar/bass tuner lets you select either Guitar mode or Bass mode for truly easy operation with automatically detected pitch. The wide detection range supports 7-string guitar (7B through 1E) in Guitar mode, and 6-string bass (Low-B, Hi-C) in Bass mode. A high-sensitivity mic is built-in, allowing easy and accurate tuning of acoustic guitars.

Ultra-compact Body with a "Tilt Slit"
Although the GA-1 is small, thin, and light, don’t let its pocket-sized body fool you. The GA-1 can accurately tune any guitar or bass. From studio to stage, tuning is easy and convenient. The back of the unit includes a unique arc-shaped "tilt slit" that lets you insert a plastic card for use as a handy stand.

High-Precision LCD Meter
The meter section uses a LCD needle, combining the accuracy of an LCD with the easy visibility of a needle, and providing a stable display. Additional visual feedback is provided by LEDs that indicate pitch deviation.

Sound Out -- Internal Speaker Provides a Reference Pitch
In addition to visual tuning via meter, the GA-1 can play reference pitches from its internal speaker (Sound Out) for tuning by ear. Each press of the Sound switch will cycle the output sound through 7B->6E->5A->4D->3G->2B->1E in Guitar mode, or LB->4E->3A->2D->1G->HC in Bass mode.

Quinta Flat Tuning mode
The GA-1’s Quinta Flat Tuning mode supports the lowered tunings used in heavy metal styles to give more weight to the sound. Most dedicated guitar tuners support a maximum of only four semitones below standard pitch, but the GA-1 gives you five steps of flatted tuning, extending as far as five semitones below standard pitch, and supporting even super-long scale guitars that are five frets longer than conventional guitars.

Auto Power Off Function
If you leave the unit powered-on for 20 minutes without performing any operation, the Auto Power Off function will turn the power off automatically, avoiding unnecessary battery consumption.

Approximately 100 hours of continuous use
Low-power consumption design allows an amazing 100 hours (approximate) of continuous battery life (A4 continuous input, Meter mode, zinc-carbon batteries).

* Even if the pitch is within the detection range, detection may not be possible for instrumental sounds that contain a large number of overtones or have a rapid decay.
• Ultra-compact design.
• High-precision LCD needle-type meter for stable tuning.
• Quinta Flat Tuning mode lets you tune 1--5 semitones flat
• Supports 7-string guitar tunings.
• Sound Out can produce a reference tone from the internal speaker.
• Auto Power Off function conserves battery life.
• Approximately 100 hours of continuous use.

Tuning: 12 note equal-tempered
Detection range: 23.12Hz - 1975.54Hz
Guitar Reference tone: 7B-6E-5A-4D-3G-2B-1E
Bass Reference tone: LB-4E-3A-2D-1G-HC
Built-in Speaker
Tuning modes: Meter (auto guitar/bass) and Sound (auto guitar/bass)
Flat tuning: 1 - 5 semitones "Quinta Flat"
Tuning accuracy: +/-1cent
Sound accuracy:+/-1.5cent
Connection jack: Input jack (1/4" mono)
Power supply: Two AAA batteries 3V
Battery life: Approximately 100 hours
Dimensions: 4.02"(102mm) Wide x 2.32"(59mm) Deep x 0.63(16mm) High
Weight: 2.54 oz (72g) (Including batteries)
Included items: Owner's Manual, (2)AAA batteries
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