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Yamaha celesta with 56 keys
  • High quality Yamaha Celesta
  • Larger 56 key model
  • Equipped with soft pedal
  • Built for ensemble and orchestral performance
  • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 105 x 108 x 65cm
  • Weight: 72kg
Product code: CEL56P
Barcode: 4957812373739
Category: Celesta
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The CEL56P Celesta is the larger of the two celesta models produced by Yamaha. It benefits from 56 keys, (the smaller CEL53P only has 53 keys), and also has a soft pedal, (the CEL53P only has a sustain pedal).

It is therefore the more popular of the two models currently produced.

The instrument itself is rather unique to Yamaha. After a long consultation with performers Yamaha came up with a new design for their Celesta.

Where older Celesta models struggled with reliability due to their comparatively cumbersome spring loaded actions, the Yamaha version simply employs a single layer grand piano action.

This has two very important benefits. Firstly, it is significantly more reliable. As anyone who has ever played a Yamaha piano will know, their actions are concise, incredibly well engineered and are easy to service.

The second point is that Celesta repair and servicing can be carried out by a piano technician rather than having to face the difficult task of finding a Celesta specialist. For educational and orchestral settings these two points are well worth bearing in mind.

The instrument itself is crafted entirely by hand and in comparatively small numbers, as such each instrument is essentially made to order. This process can take between 4-6 months but the end result is certainly worth the wait!

All materials are of the highest quality, with action components produced from selected maple and spruce along with a very attractive stained Oak veneer for the cabinet. Metal grills complete the classic appearance whilst providing excellent overall sound projection.

Chamberlain Music has become a Yamaha top dealer for this very specialist instrument. We have supplied Celeste to a number of special clients, most notably the Boston Symphony Ballet and the James Taylor Quartet - the latter devoting an entire album to exploring the possibilities of this unique instrument - we even have a 'thank you' in the sleeve notes of which we are rather proud!
Yamaha's involvement in Celesta production came about in the late 1980's. As the worlds most prominent musical instrument manufacturer they were approached to repair an elderly instrument originally made by the French company Mustel.

During the repair, the Yamaha technicians realised that the Mustel design was a rather clunky affair, with spring loaded actions propelling hammers onto the metal bars to produce the sound. This made the instrument difficult to control, with subtle effects almost out of the questions. It was realised that what a Celeste really needed was a scaled down piano action, this would enable much greater control - trills, glissandos and other playing techniques would suddenly become possible.

Yamaha took on the challenge and the result was the current range of three instrument available for sale today.

The Yamaha range of Celesta
Yamaha CEL53 celesta
53 note model
Sustain pedal
Felt covered hammers
4 lockable castors

Yamaha CEL56P celesta
56 note model
Sustain and soft pedal
Felt covered hammers
4 lockable castors

Yamaha CEL56PGL keyboard glockenspiel celesta
56 note model
Sustain and soft pedals
Deer horn hammers
4 lockable castors

The professional model CEL-56P comes equipped with a soft pedal and the crafting that makes this an instrument for the more serious player. Small size and a lightweight design mean that the CEL-56P Celesta is easy to transport and requires only a minimal amount of space.
Yamaha celesta's offer many advantages. First, the action is the same as on a grand piano. The instrument also offers a wide dynamic range, allowing for soft balanced chords, loud expressive play, trills, glissandos, and other play techniques that are typical of grand pianos but were never before available on celestas.
Secondly, the Yamaha celesta offers full piano-size keys. White keys have Ivorite surfaces and the damper pedal is aligned as a pianist would expect, slightly right of center.
Thirdly, the remarkable presence of the instrument comes out of Yamaha's long experience in developing percussion instruments capable of asserting themselves within orchestral environments. The instrument uses high-carbon tempered steel plates tuned to high precision, as well as original maple resonance boxes designed to make effective use of Helmholtz resonance.
Lastly, and this is particularly important, the adjustment of action and hammers is essentially the same as on a grand piano. Any problems that occur just before a performance can be quickly corrected by a piano technician and this assists the overall practicality of the Celesta enormously.

All Yamaha Celesta from Chamberlain Music are delivered and prepared by our specialist delivery team. This ensures that they are handled carefully, set up and adjusted correctly. This is FREE to all ground floor, mainland UK addresses.
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