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Boomwhackers bass chromatic set of 5 tubes Boomwhackers bass chromatic set of 5 tubes Boomwhackers bass chromatic set of 5 tubes
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Boomwhackers bass chromatic set of 5 tubes
  • Ideal for music groups at school or home
  • Lots and lots of fun!!
  • 5 sharps/flats for the standard octave: C# (Db), D# (Eb), F# (Gb), G# (Ab) and A# (Bb)
  • Combine with BOOM-BWJG to create a full chromatic octave. Forms a pentatonic scale on its own
  • Tubes range in length from 68.6cm - 119.4cm
  • Colour coded notes that match our KB10 chime bars and CB combi handbells
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Category: Boomwhackers
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Set of 5 chromatic boomwhacker tuned percussion tubes, brightly coloured, affordable, easy to play and lots of fun.

Play them on a hard flat surface, hitting the floor with the whole length gives the loudest sound.
C# (Db) - red
D# (Eb) - orange
F# (Gb) - light green
G# (Ab) - blue
A# (Bb) - purple
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