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The NEW Yamaha B2 silent upright piano
  • New concert grand piano sample and USB connectivity
  • Free custom preparation and tuning
  • Free and fast ground floor mainland UK delivery
  • Free post delivery tuning and check
Product code: B2SG2
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click for more details on the Yamaha Upgrade Bonus schemeNew silent system available to try in-store on the B1SG2 model

What we think of the NEW Yamaha B2 silent upright piano
The B2 silent piano is a very worthwhile upgrade from the B1 upright. The silent system is identical, but the acoustic piano is taller which results in a more rounded resonant tone.
It also benefits from an attractive, more traditional styled casework which makes for a lovely addition to any room.
The piano is 113cm high, 149cm wide and 53cm deep so will fit into those smaller spaces.
The upgraded silent system, new for 2013, benefits from a much improved piano sample, USB connectivity and a further 10 sampled voices.

The Yamaha B series range of pianos are excellent value for money! One of the reasons for the comparative low cost is the use of a 'laminate soundboard'.
Yamaha produce these soundboards for their B1, B2 and B3 models.
These soundboards are extremely high quality, they are produced from spruce which is then manufactured into 3 ply soundboard planks.
They produce a good, even, sound quality and tuning stability and have proven very successful indeed. It is true to say that solid soundboards produce a better sound, but on the smaller B series pianos the difference would be hardly noticeable due to the size, on the B3 Yamaha couple the high quality laminate soundboard with refined internal components to produce a piano which is unbeatable at its price point. The P121G is fundamentally the same piano, but with a solid soundboard, it is more expensive consequently, but again unbeatable at its price point!
Much has also been made of the fact that B series pianos are not produced in Japan, but Indonesia. For some this means lower quality. The truth is that the Yamaha Indonesian piano factory is probably the most modern facility in the world, it is Yamaha owned and run, the technicians are Yamaha trained and the result is high quality control from start to finish!

30 MB memory
Yamaha concert grand piano sample
Key and pedal sensors
Grey scale sensors
2 headphone sockets
Volume and reverb controls
MIDI In/Out, AUX In/Out
Yamaha stereo headphones
USB connection
Single track record facility
10 superb new sounds
50 demo songs
Songbook included

With its larger dimensions and heavier construction, the new b2 delivers a superior sound through added depth and volume.
Front and rear castors enhance movability while the elegantly detailed, traditional cabinetry ensures that the b2 looks right at home in your living space. For the more serious pianist, b2 is the perfect combination of performance and affordability.
The sounds you get with Yamaha's SI Silent System are especially deep and genuine-sounding, thanks to a tone generator with stereo samplings.

When the silencing function has been engaged and keys are struck, hammer shank stoppers move into place to prevent the hammers from striking the strings. While the piano is outwardly silenced, the movement of the keys and other performance information are picked up by optical sensors and converted to digital data by a tone generator. Digitally sampled acoustic sound is then sent to stereo headphones for the player to enjoy in complete privacy.

All Yamaha pianos from Chamberlain Music are delivered and prepared by our specialist delivery team. This ensures that they are handled carefully, set up and adjusted correctly. This is FREE to all ground floor, mainland UK addresses.
Our in house technicians bespoke prepare every single instrument. This ensures that your new piano arrives perfectly regulated and toned.
H 113cm
W 149cm
D 53cm
Weight 194kg
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