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    Good basic choir folder, I've bought hundreds in the past. Very little to compare at the price. Chamberlain's service couldn't be faulted with delivery within 5 days.
    David Clements, Kidderminster, UK on 26/10/2016
  • Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5
    Fantastic service, thanks Amy and Chamberlain. Oliver
    Oliver, Liverpool on 25/10/2016
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    PBuzzes are great music-toys. These are a sort of tunable vuvuzela: easy to play, tough and good fun. We have a trio playing PBuzzes now, they're perfect for outdoor (in the rain) gigs and it's very...
    Sharon, Saltash, UK on 25/10/2016
Amati ABN41M bassoon outfit
  • High-quality intermediate bassoon made from maple with lacquered finish
  • 25 keys, high C & D key
  • Piano lock key and balance holder with strap ring
  • 4 trill keys, 9 rollers and automatic G ring key
  • Includes case and 2 standard crooks for improved tuning
  • Free setup before delivery from our woodwind technician
Product code: ABN41IV-OM
Barcode: 8591278149017
Category: Bassoons
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The Amati ABN41M bassoon is an ideal purchase for the beginner student bassoonist on a budget, who is looking to upgrade to an intermediate-level instrument without sacrificing tonal quality and player comfort.

The body of the bassoon is crafted by maple wood and subtly lacquered which, when paired with the silver-plated key work, gives this bassoon a smart and durable finish.

The Amati has 25 keys, which include the high C and D keys, double low C touch, thumb Ab key, Eb vent key, 4 trill keys and automatic G ring key.The bassoon also has 9 roller keys, which is good news for players who sometimes find they are struggling to move their thumbs quick enough for certain compositions.

The Amati outfit includes:
- 2 crooks/bocals
- Hard case
- All of the necessary cleaning accessories

All of our woodwind instruments are set up prior to despatch by our experienced in-house technicians, so you can get playing straight from the case.
• High-quality lacquered maple body
• 24 silver-plated keys
• High C & D keys
• 2 crooks/bocals
• Double low C touch
• Thumb Ab key
• Eb vent key
• 4 trill keys
• Automatic G ring key
• Supplied with hard case and cleaning accessories
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