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  • Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5
    Couldn't be happier with the product and service. The music case is great quality, good size and looks really smart. It's a very reasonable price and the delivery was beyond good. No postage charge...
    Olivia, London, UK on 29/03/2017
  • Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5
    Beautiful instrument for the price. Great purchasing experience, Very helpful staff. Delivered it on the day I requested by professionals. I never post reviews but I felt I ought too in this instance...
    Richard Sims, Farnham, UK on 26/03/2017
  • Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5 Reviewed 5 out of 5
    The colour and size I ordered was out of stock, but the company emailed me promptly to tell me and within a few hours a suitable replacement had been ordered, prompt refund of the difference. The...
    Cat, Nottingham, UK on 26/03/2017
Sibelius 7.5 multi-user site licence entitlement certificate - networked
  • Entitlement certificate for networked multi user editions of Sibelius 7.5
  • You must order a media pack (9900-65347-00)
  • You must order the seats (9511-65540-00)
  • This will be emailed to you when you receive your media pack
Product code: 9935-65673-00
This item is no longer available for sale. We hope that you can find a suitable alternative using our menus or the keyword search above. If you can't find what you're looking for please call our sales department for assistance on 01428 6558806.
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This is a pdf document emailed to you when your media pack is despatched
Description Reviews  
This product is designed for school or colleges that require 5 or more Networked user licences.

Minimum order 5 x Activation ID's, (1 per seat).
You must also purchase an Entitlement Certificate and separate Media Pack. Media pack now includes full licences (Standalone and Networked) AND upgrades.

To order a new site licence for 5 or more seats, you must provide the name and address of the institution where the site licence will be installed.

The serial number for the site licence is not included in the Media Pack: the serial number will instead be allocated at the time of ordering.

This is a pdf document containing activation codes required to run your software. There is no charge for this item
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